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ADENAA elevates the art and science of eyebrows with specialized expertise and premium service


ADENAA, Thailand’s leading specialized aesthetic clinic under the management of top eyebrow stylist Rungnapa “A” that is renowned for outstanding eyebrow works, is offering premium experiences in eyebrow grooming for eyebrows to become the true “crown of the face”.


When it comes to eyebrow grooming, ADENAA is often the name that comes to mind. With the exceptional skills and outstanding handwork that creates perfect eyebrows for faces of every shape, ADENAA distinguishes itself from other eyebrow grooming parlors with designers and medical team that cater to the customers’ diverse need and solve all problems that concern 3D eyebrow painting. For us, the achievement is no just about the realistic result but also the safety in the procedure.


ADENAA’s personnel is fully equipped with specialized expertise. They include artistic designers and nurses that train and develop the procedure together as “professional duo” to ensure the most best result for 3D eyebrow painting and satisfy all needed and requirements of the customers. ADENAA also offer haute eyebrow painting technique called “Adenaro” where the design team comes up with new shapes and lines of eyebrows that stay on top of the current trend that also compliment customers’ natural face shapes with safety and high standard in the practice. The medical team then tests and analyzes the pigment and equipment used in the procedure to ensure complete safety for each customer.


ADENAA’s 20-plus year business is regarded as “visual art on the face” and fostered its renowned reputation as specialized clinic. ADENAA has been trusted by more than 50,000 customers, and because the clinic’s service is based on the customer’s highest satisfaction, according to A the founder, ADENAA is highly attentive to details, especially 4 aspects, from the customer’s personality, facial shape, lifestyle and the mood of the eyebrows, according to the haute eyebrow painting technique Adenaro, to create the most suitable crown for every face that naturally varies. Each process has undergone careful analysis and evaluation with reflection and shadow from the retracting light in mind to come up with the perfect eyebrows from every angle. It goes without saying that ADENAA exceeds the customers’ expectation to give them the highest satisfaction.


Besides 3D eyebrow painting, ADENAA also offers several other services. One among them is erasing eyebrow tattoo with laser, which has become increasingly popular. The procedure of erasing tattoo at the eyebrow is different from tattoo in other parts of the body, as the area will have new hair growing and the erasing is prepping for the new tattoo or painting. ADENAA is equipped with technology and innovation for this procedure, along with in-house designers and the medical team. So far, the clinic has served more than 20,000 customers, prompting ADENAA to gain the largest market share from every type of service, from 3D eyebrow painting, eyebrow grooming, scalp painting and personalized aesthetic designs.


The road for ADENAA to become Thailand’s number one eyebrow painting institution stems from five standard pillars: specialized expertise and extensive experience in 3D eyebrow painting, delicate handiwork, realistic and natural-looking results, perfect match with the customers’ face and high hygiene care in every process of the procedure. ADENAA also does business outside of Thailand and has become the leader in eyebrow painting in Asia. ADENAA’s communication via website and online marketing channels help educate the customers and give more insightful information about eyebrow aesthetic, earning ADENAA 20% market share for international customers, and the growth is continuing.


To accommodate the business expansion and the increasing number of customers, ADENAA has recently moved from its former location to level 5 (office zone) of Gateway Ekkamai to service with larger space, convenient accessibility and proper working for technicians to ensure the best result.


ADENAA aims to become “eyebrow artist hub” with specialized designers and eyebrow expert as well as experienced medical team to offers all services related to eyebrow and hair in premium, high standard.



Experience the aesthetic of eyebrow lines created by meticulous hands of experts at ADENAA. For more information, please contact 093-365-0700 (every working day) or visit


A Personal Touch To Your Calculated Beauty.
982/22 Gateway Ekamai Department Store, Floor 5, Office Zone, Unit 5110, Sukhumvit Road, Phrakanong, Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110.

A Personal Touch To Your Calculated Beauty.


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982/22 Gateway Ekamai Department Store, Floor 5, Office Zone, Unit 5110, Sukhumvit Road, Phrakanong, Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110.