Eyebrow damage from somewhere else fixed at ADENAA

Eyebrow damage from somewhere else fixed at ADENAA
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Hello 2018 to all readers who have followed Ajarn A and this column all along. Time has flown by so quickly. It's hard to believe that more than a year has already passed. The important thing is that this edition will be the last edition of Professor A. Talk about time for a moment. Professor A would like to leave this column for those who want to be beautiful quickly. The more I hear many customers like to say that “Go get another tattoo. Just a moment. It's only been done in an hour." Even more, I have to tell you.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

As Professor A always emphasizes,Three-dimensional eyebrow tattooIt is a work of “art” that will stay on our skin for a long time. Erasing it is not as easy as using an eraser to wipe away scribbles on paper. But it removes the ink from the skin with the least amount of problems. But the problem that we often encounter is "impatient" or "lack of time." For many beauty treatments, we can't be impatient or in a hurry because if we miss it, it may directly affect our lives. In the past, Professor A has had to fix more and more missed or damaged eyebrows, as well as removing eyebrow tattoos from the past, which were not very difficult to fix and the amount was small. But now, just removing eyebrow tattoos has increased 10 times, plus I've encountered so many strange cases that I can't help but think what happened?? This is not an eyebrow tattoo job, we can just look at the picture and decide to do it. It has a lot of details. including suitability for the facial structure The balance of both eyebrows And most importantly, what is it like after peeling?

And what we think is "just a moment" but when we correct it, it's "not a moment". I'll say that in some cases it's been a year. It took two years to erase all of my eyebrows. Please allow me to give an example of a customer who had a problem with eyebrow tattooing and had it corrected incorrectly from somewhere else. When I first saw it, I was very worried about whether I would be able to restore my skin to normal and get new eyebrow tattoos. And if it can be treated, it will take a long time for the skin to return to normal. which this customer Before coming to see Ajahn A, he went for treatment elsewhere, which used a remover (acid). The eyebrows became inflamed, there were black marks, red marks, and followed by swollen skin. (in keirot)

As seen from the picture The skin has been severely damaged. Both Professor A and the dermatologist who is an expert in eyebrow removal directly, as well as the Professional Duo team, are equally worried. But gradually we help each other. Treat wounds until the skin eventually heals normally. Therefore, I would like to tell everyone to choose and be aware. If we are willing to waste time and not be impatient, we may not have to fix what happened like this customer.

Before saying goodbye... there are 3 words that I would like to leave everyone with: "Wander, be aware, and be alarmed." Before deciding what to do, you must wander around to find information until you are confident. Then be aware of what we are about to do. And finally, if there is a mistake, don't panic, just calm down and make corrections gradually. It is recommended that you consult with a reliable and experienced designer. And see a doctor specializing in tattoo removal... Happy New Year, everyone.

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