My hair was ruined because I was afraid of falling out of trend.

My hair was ruined because I was afraid of falling out of trend.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Popularity that has existed throughout every era It's a fashion that never goes out, that is, changing hair color, perming, and straightening. No matter what era or year, its popularity never decreases. It is only getting more and more popular. As the saying goes, “A chicken is beautiful because of its feathers. People are beautiful because they dress.”

hair color changes styles of hairstyles There will be constant changing trends. according to popularity in each period For example, in some periods it is popular to have short hair, in other periods it is popular to have long hair. The current trend is changing quite quickly. Until in the past 10 years, a fashion for hair extensions has emerged.

My hair was ruined because I was afraid of falling out of trend.

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Hair is considered a part of our body. That can be something that reflects the good health and good personality of each person. Therefore, take care of your hair and scalp health. Therefore, it is extremely important because whether it is dry, damaged hair, gray hair, split ends, or hair loss, it will inevitably affect that person's image and insecurities. This causes most people to conceal their hair health problems with various methods. Whether it's hair dyeing, hair styling, hair perming, hair highlighting.

My hair was ruined because I was afraid of falling out of trend.

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Most Asian people, especially Thai people Often has dark hair. Big and thick noodles which is already well known that Black is a color that changes quite a bit. Therefore, if you want to color your hair to make it last long. Therefore, hair coloring must be done to the utmost. Until you get a beautiful and satisfying hair color. As a result, the hair and scalp are destroyed by chemicals from various types of liquids. until the hair and scalp are destroyed Those chemicals can also directly harm the hair roots. It also affects the hair. This results in problems such as hair loss, thinning hair, slow hair growth, and premature graying of hair. And baldness can follow later as well.

My hair was ruined because I was afraid of falling out of trend.

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Let's see how you change your hair color. Perm and straighten that hair. The product contains main chemicals. Which types are harmful to the hair and scalp?

Hydrogen peroxide Hydrogen peroxide

It is a catalyst for the coloring reaction. By bleaching hair and destroying hair cells. including destroying melanin-producing cells Causes burning and irritation. The more frequently you dye your hair, the more harmful it will be to your hair. Makes hair gray quickly, coarse hair, dry hair, and damaged hair.

PPD PPD Para-phenylene diamine

Found in most hair dyes, even though they say they don't contain hydrogen perside. But it has the power to cause irritation to hair and scalp cells. which results in a burning sensation on the scalp and make me tear or weak hair

Ammonia Ammonia

It is a substance found in hair dyes along with hydrogen peroxide. which is a stimulant for better staining The danger of this group of chemicals is that they have a bleaching effect on the hair and scalp. It makes the hair roots weak and the hair falls out. Most importantly, it has a pungent smell.

Heavy metals (Silver Nitrate and Lead Acetate)

It is a substance that reacts with the air and turns black. It is a toxic chemical. Causes irritation on the scalp. If it gets into the eyes, it will damage the eye membrane. To the point of being blind. and if accumulated in the body May damage the brain and various senses It is also classified as a carcinogen.

The solution used for dyeing hair, coloring hair, or perming or straightening hair is besides bleaching the color of our hair. Also bites our scalp. Residual chemicals will infiltrate and remain inside our scalp. This causes the scalp to become irritated, causing allergic reactions and redness, which in some cases may cause fungus on the scalp.

But for some of you, even though you know How harmful are the chemicals in hair dyes, hair perms, and hair straighteners to the hair and scalp? It can cause problems with hair loss, thinning hair, slow hair growth, premature graying of hair and baldness in the future. But one cannot help but dye their hair, perm and straighten their hair to increase their self-confidence and to keep themselves from falling out. Trend Even though we know that there are many chemicals that impair the health of the hair and scalp.

Therefore, before deciding to buy a product or receive a service You should study and read the label thoroughly. For the safety of your own hair and scalp.

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