Eyebrows help people fall in love with you more easily.

Eyebrows help people fall in love with you more easily.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

If the eyes are the window to the heart Is it possible that eyebrows are an important key that makes opposite people want to come to us more?

Have you ever heard of the 8.2 second theory? They say that love at first sight can happen in 8.2 seconds, and this is the result of research by Achieves of Sexual Behavior, which used hidden cameras to capture eye movements during an experiment where men and women were paired. Sit and talk Then everyone rated the likability of the person they talked to. The results concluded that the men who rated them were very impressed. They tend to stare at that woman from 8.2 seconds or more, but this result does not occur with women. This is because women spent the same amount of time looking at each man. This lead researchers to believe that men often use eye contact to find the perfect partner. And from a woman's perspective Let's try to think about it. What would make a man stare into our eyes for more than 8.2 seconds if not the charm on our faces? Especially around the eyes

Eyebrows affect the eyes

This result does not mean our own vision. It means that other people look at us. Just imagine, if we just trim our eyebrows to get the right shape, people will tell us that today we look better and brighter. That's because of the right eyebrows. Can help promote the face to look better overall. In addition, eyebrows are also a part that helps reflect feelings on the face. If we want to add charm and make you look more attractive. Having the right eyebrows can help.

What do proper eyebrows look like?

Proper eyebrows are eyebrows that are proportionally proportional to our face. There are 4 easy checking principles as follows:

  1. The distance between the eyes and eyebrows must be balanced.
  2. The ratio between the head of the eyebrow and the tail of the eyebrow must be in the same plane.
  3. The bottom edge of the eyebrows and the space between them must not be chipped or broken.
  4. The space between the eyes and eyebrows must not be too far.

The right eyebrows can create balance on your face and make it look beautiful. Eyebrow drawing must not be too prominent and steal the scene. and more than that Good eyebrows can help fix it. Can reduce defects on the face

What flaws can proper eyebrows correct?

  • For people who have droopy eyelids Eyebrows can help you make your eyes look bigger.
  • For people with droopy eyelids Eyebrows can help make your eyes look rounder.
  • For those who have droopy eyes Eyebrows can help lift the corners of the eyes. Makes you look bright and not sad.
  • For people with narrow eyebrow spacing The right eyebrows will help your face look more balanced.

Do you see that besides eyebrows enhancing beauty? It can also help fix bugs. But enough for now Many people may wonder: So how do we know if our eyebrows are suitable or not? For people who wear makeup regularly, you can use this principle to try writing for people who want the best eyebrows. But for those who are not confident You can come to consult atAdina We are ready to give advice on all matters regarding eyebrows.

Adina, an eyebrow painting institute with over 20 years of experience.

We are a specialized beauty clinic that has been creating beautiful eyebrows for each individual for over 20 years. They are unique and different from other places with a concept that focuses on realism. Truly suitable for each person Because we believe Beauty has no fixed definition. And each person has a unique beauty that no one can imitate. We therefore carefully select beautiful eyebrows that are truly perfect for each person. In addition to creating beauty It also helps adjust defects that are problems on the face. Using the Adenaro principle to analyze each person's facial structure. and design the most suitable eyebrow shape for the customer Under the supervision of a Professional Duo who have experience and expertise in the art of realistic line design. and medical techniques that understand the skin characteristics of each customer It is also modern and ready to meet the needs of modern people with light, natural lines. Rest assured that you will definitely not have beautiful eyebrows that are anachronistic.

Eyebrows help people fall in love with you more easily.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Eyebrows help people fall in love with you more easily.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Eyebrows help people fall in love with you more easily.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

During this month of love Many people will be a little bit in love. Looking for ways to make love happen until we forget that love already exists around us. It may not be love in the form of a couple. But that doesn't mean it isn't love. And before we get to know love in the form we dream of Don't forget to love yourself, take care of yourself, and we hope that This article will give you some simple tips. Allowing you to turn around and pay attention to yourself. Look at yourself with some love. and take care of this self to be filled with love Until other people only want to look at you.

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