Adina, world class standard To be number one in eyebrow tattooing in Thailand

Adina, world class standard To be number one in eyebrow tattooing in Thailand

Adina” It can be said to be a beauty clinic that has been famous for 3D eyebrow tattooing for more than 20 years, creating eyebrow work for tens of thousands of customers. Both famous people in society, including celebrities, singers, and models, in addition to being the prototype of the 3D eyebrow technique. Adena also aims to be a prototype eyebrow tattoo shop for Thailand.

3D eyebrow tattoo

Disposable needles and razor blades Tools and equipment are sterilized before and after Every time use

With the current industryEyebrow tattooThere is progress. Eyebrow tattooing has been developed to look safe and beautiful naturally, so many women are turning to getting their eyebrows tattooed more than ever before. Until there was a widespread trend of eyebrow tattooing. Leading to the opportunity to teach eyebrow tattooing quickly, anyone who is interested can take the course without having to invest a lot. Until the business of eyebrow tattoo shops increased rapidly. Even hair salons have added options to provide beautiful, instant eyebrow tattooing services. But I didn't know that eyebrow tattooing services require more elements than just eyebrow tattooing. Use the device as

3D eyebrow tattoo
3D eyebrow tattoo

For opening an eyebrow tattoo shop There are many entrepreneurs who have completed the 7-day eyebrow tattooing course and have started opening eyebrow tattoo shops. Maybe we've walked past the same hair salon before. What's more is that you can get your eyebrows tattooed today. which opened an eyebrow tattoo shop Thai law also has requirements regarding location. Must pass inspection standards by the Department of Health. Otherwise, it may be considered illegal. There are many people who are not aware of this. Both on the part of the operators and users of the services themselves.

At Adena, we have standards in place for every aspect. We design business models with design staff who have passed the same learning standards as Europe. There is also a team of medical experts responsible for taking care of the details of hygienic work. Providing services in locations that have passed legal requirements from the Department of Health. It's not just to be number one in the standard of 3D eyebrow tattooing for customers. But wants to be a model for eyebrow tattoo shops in Thailand to have safe standards for all service users. Because the eyebrows It's not just about creating eyebrow results for customers. But you must consider the consequences after doing it as well. If customers get infected from uncleanliness It can affect your eyebrows or can become a life-threatening infection.

3D eyebrow tattoo

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

In addition to intending to be an example of an eyebrow tattoo shop for entrepreneurs in Thailand. Adena wants customers to see the importance of eyebrow shaping. Even though eyebrow surgery is small compared to other forms of plastic surgery, small spots like this need to be properly taken care of. Both in terms of beauty and cleanliness and safety Because of the present There are still many people who choose to use eyebrow tattooing services at beauty salons. Calling a technician to do eyebrow tattoos at home is actually something that is not appropriate to do. Because the location is important to every element in eyebrow tattooing, for example, if there is insufficient light, it will affect the drawing of eyebrow lines. If light falls on the face and creates shadows, it may create errors in the shape of the eyebrows. and in the matter of expertise in the person who designs and performs eyebrow tattooing If you only have superficial skills It is easy to risk mistakes in the work. In addition, there are also issues of equipment and location. If the place is not clean, there may be a risk of infection, etc. Therefore, before deciding to get your eyebrows tattooed. Customers should study cleanliness standards as well. In order not to cause regret later.

and more than Adena's long-term goals. We have a short-term goal to develop eyebrow tattooing to the next level. By making the eyebrow lines more natural. Because today's customers demand three-dimensional eyebrows in a variety of styles. It's not just eyebrow tattooing. Adina then invented a new technique. To meet the needs of specific customers which will be launched within this year Look forward to following along on all Adena channels.

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