The person who wears the crown for the face must have outstanding skills and specialized abilities.

The person who wears the crown for the face must have outstanding skills and specialized abilities.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Eyebrows are the crown of the face, and everyone wants a beautiful, outstanding crown. Some people even rush to find a famous artist. and then issued a command saying "Queen like us" Want the most beautiful crown? But the results were not as desired. Because sometimes a beautiful crown may not suit us. Many people therefore have a question: So what kind of technician should we go to? So let's try starting like this. Imagine that If we were queen Then one day there must be an official crowning ceremony. The Queen's crown must be designed by an expert technician. And the person who comes to do the wearing ceremony must be someone trustworthy enough to know the work and not damage the crown. This is an important ceremony. You can't go wrong with your work, and yes, it's the same with the crown of your face like your eyebrows. We should have 2 technicians who will take on different responsibilities.

2 important people in eyebrow work that can't be apart

The first person is the artist who designs the crown for the face and the second person is the official crown wearer. And the reason is simple. It is necessary to have 2 people because doing3D eyebrowsIt requires people with 2 types of specialized skills: one who is skilled in the art of designing to suit the face and another who must have detailed knowledge and understanding of the skin and the anatomy structure of the eyebrows. which at present There are many 3D eyebrow shaping shops. But most people just look at the design. Didn't look carefully at how getting 3D eyebrows to get the best results depends on each person's skin condition. Therefore, if you are the one who is about to decide to have 3D eyebrows done, consider the technician who will do it for you. Trustworthy in every way?

3D eyebrow tattoo

Professional Duo, Adina's team Combine two abilities for the best 3D eyebrow results.

For 3D eyebrow painting that can answer customers' needs in all aspects. Therefore, we need a team to truly take care of every aspect. Therefore, we combine two knowledges, Collaborate between Art and Science, into a dedicated team at Adena called the Professional Duo, where one person takes care of designing the design to suit the facial structure, proportion, and appropriateness. Which must be someone who graduated from the art field only. and must undergo training for many years In order to truly understand the eyebrow design work. The other person is an expert with knowledge in medical technology. Have knowledge of the physical aspect of the facial structure. Every time there is a physical change to the facial structure That means the result of that person's beauty. It will change too. Affects the design of beautiful eyebrow shapes

Therefore, professionals must always work together to design and adjust the eyebrow shape for customers. In addition, there are nursing staff. Take care of the customer's skin condition which is an important factor that affects the intensity of the color applied to the skin as well. This is the medical team that will test and analyze the color. Including various equipment that must be safe and appropriate for each customer

Give importance to both beauty and safety. Create the most suitable eyebrow results for each person, each queen.

At Adena, we value both. Composition analysis Creating beauty is Adena's first priority. But customer safety in every eyebrow shaping process is indispensable. Because if we only design beauty But without considering the anatomy of the face skin changes Different skin characteristics It will never be possible to create the best and most appropriate results for the customer. Therefore, Adena never overlooks even a single small point that can hinder the beauty of the customer. And because of this, Adena is the number one specialized clinic for 3D eyebrows in Thailand. Truly answering customer needs in every aspect. Creating beauty and providing satisfaction to customers for more than 20 years.

However, Adina's Professional Duo works together not just for 3D eyebrow painting, but also for editing,eyebrow tattoo removalIt requires teams from both sides to help take care of customers at every step. To provide customers with the best facial crown and is most suitable in the style of each person, so if you are the one who is making the decision Whether it's 3D eyebrow painting or eyebrow tattoo removal. or doing 3D eyebrows in any form In addition to the reputation that has already been heard You may need to research how each location works. Increase confidence before doing And to reduce the risk of errors in 3D eyebrow surgery and to give you peace of mind in the beauty you desire the most.

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