Did you know how light affects 3D eyebrow painting?

Did you know how light affects 3D eyebrow painting?
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

You probably understand that lighting is important when it comes to applying makeup. Because many people probably have some experience with it. When we are in a hurry and have to put on makeup in the parking lot. Until when I went out and checked myself again. So we know that Today we put on heavy makeup... We hurriedly fixed it and almost immediately deleted it. But if this kind of situation happens with 3D eyebrow tattooing, the correction of the erasure cannot be done immediately like with makeup. This is the origin of this article that I want everyone to consider before getting 3D eyebrows done, no matter which shop you go to. Also note whether or not the shop has "lights" that are bright enough for eyebrow tattooing.

The reason why light is important for 3D eyebrows

3D eyebrow shaping gives beautiful results as desired. It requires many elements. Whether it is talented personnel safe work equipment Including places that are conducive to creating works. Working lighting is one of the things that should be given importance. Because 3D eyebrow shaping is not just about designing beautiful eyebrows. But it must also help correct the overall picture on the face to be balanced, so that the whole picture of the eyebrows and face can be seen without shadows blocking it. It will make 3D eyebrows smooth and beautiful.

3D eyebrow painting

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

How does light affect 3D eyebrow shaping?

Every step of making 3D eyebrows requires clarity of vision. Whether it's the whole picture or even small details. little while doing Where light is not only bright But it must be appropriately bright. Does not cause distortion of vision Because of just a little bit of distortion It will lead to errors that are difficult to correct.

The light is too bright. It can make the vision of details blurry.

Think about when we look at our phone screens outdoors. We can barely see anything, light in the making.3D eyebrowsLikewise, if it's too bright, we won't be able to focus on the details as we should. This creates the opportunity for errors in the timing of applying weight to the eyebrows.

too little light This creates dark shadows that focus too much on one point.

When there is little light, vision is unclear. Those who get tattoos may focus more on the light rays. and used the estimation method to determine that this area would need to be painted more than usual. Until there may be a distortion in the weight, resulting in the 3D eyebrows coming out incorrectly.

The light, whether dark or bright, affects all work. Both the feeling of seeing the size of the eyebrows Looking deeper into the details Including looking at the overall picture. Therefore, when doing 3D eyebrows, no matter the location, there should be appropriate lighting. Importantly, it must be bright all around. Do not create shadows anywhere on the face that can distort the perspective.

3D eyebrow painting

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Simple techniques for observing the light in the store by yourself.

A simple way to observe lighting is Once you're in there You won't see your own reflection at all. No matter which part you look at You can't even see the dark shadow of the body. Which if you go and see the locations in some tattoo shops And it feels like light can only enter from the storefront. Or there, choose to use downlights only for the tattoo area. Which is clearly not enough light all around. These factors have a high chance of creating visual errors during 3D eyebrow surgery. Therefore, before you decide to have 3D eyebrow surgery, be sure to consider the lighting of the location.

Adina, with more than 20 years of experience in 3D eyebrows, we understand the highest needs of our customers in terms of eyebrow beauty. We pay attention to every detail of our work. The lighting of the place is another important detail that others may overlook, but here we design the place to have perfect brightness. Covers vision Do not let there be any shadows that will hinder your work in the slightest. Be assured that there is no chance of mistakes in eyebrow design as well as execution.3D eyebrow paintingThat's almost none. And this is a little detail that we never overlook. Has created work that has impressed tens of thousands of customers.

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