Anesthetic matters that you shouldn't be cold about

Anesthetic matters that you shouldn't be cold about
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Many people still don't know, right?3D eyebrow shapingAnesthetic must also be used. Applying anesthetic is another step. That is delicate and requires considerable attention. This is because each form of anesthetic affects the skin differently. Today, Adena wants everyone to understand the details of eyebrow shaping at the next level. Therefore, we would like to tell you about anesthetics.

3D eyebrow surgery requires only topical anesthesia.

The reason why 3D eyebrow surgery requires only topical anesthesia is because If injection anesthesia is used, it will affect the skin around the eyebrows, causing the eyebrows to swell, making it impossible to paint the eyebrows. and affects the calculation of eyebrow shape Because the condition of the skin is swollen and different from reality. which is a topical anesthetic Nowadays, it is used for a variety of purposes. Whether it is used for dental work Used to relieve pain in specific areas Including eyebrow tattoo work in various forms.

Reasons for using anesthesia for 3D eyebrow surgery

This is because making 3D eyebrows requires the utmost precision in tattooing. Even the slightest movement of your brow muscles can affect the results of the job, so the anesthetic will help you not feel it during the procedure. And you won't have to move the muscles around your eyes. Helps to paint smoothly and accurately. Greatly reduces the occurrence of errors.

3D eyebrow painting

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Adina has a team of medical experts to take care of you.

For Adina Every step of making 3D eyebrows, we have 2 dedicated personnel who help take care of every step of making eyebrows. One is the medical team. And another person is someone who has specialized knowledge in 3D eyebrow design. The medical team will evaluate your skin condition from the first time you see it. and will consider applying anesthetic to the eyebrows This will allow the anesthesia to work best for you. which you can rest assured that Your tender skin condition will be treated with care by our doctors.

There are many details about making 3D eyebrows that many people don't know. The way ADena designed the work We are joined by a team of doctors to make every step in making 3D eyebrows as safe as possible for you. It is another main point that we pay attention to every time. Because we don't just look at answering beauty needs. But we want to provide perfection to every customer. and customers can feel comfortable that No matter what skin type you have. Or have any form of concern? You can always trust our medical team to consult. And we are ready to take the best care of you in every detail of your needs.

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