A good Eyebrow Artist must have ability, experience, and truly understand the customer.

3D eyebrow painting is the creation of work that requires precision, meticulousness, and a deep understanding of facial anatomy. Adena places great importance on Eyebrow Artist, so becoming an Eyebrow Artist at Adena is not easy. Because we don't just want people who can do the job. But we need a specialist who truly understands 3D eyebrow painting.

Eyebrow Artist at Adena must have a background in art.

Every Eyebrow Artist at Adena has a direct education in art. Because it will be easier to understand the science of eyebrow painting. Because 3D eyebrow painting at Adina uses the Golden Ratio principle along with the science of light and shadow in the design. Including having to have the basics of drawing because it must be the main skill in painting eyebrows. But the most important thing is the basics for understanding facial structure and facial beauty. Then you can design your eyebrow shape to promote a better perspective on your face. As well as solving defects on the face, therefore, eyebrow designers who have a good knowledge and understanding of art and beauty It will lead to the creation of perfect works.

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Eyebrow Artist only needs to be trained until truly proficient.

When you truly understand art Rigorous practice is what will lead us to excellent creations. Therefore, before becoming an Eyebrow Artist, Adina needs to undergo training, honing her skills hard for a year. To ensure that Every 3D eyebrow painting creation is done to a high standard. Not even the slightest glitch occurred. And when you actually do it, you'll be able to create the best eyebrows for your customers. 100%

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.
**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Eyebrow Artist that Adena has to reach into the hearts of customers.

In addition to the basic skills that eyebrow designers should have Including the experience of practicing and learning hard. Adina didn't stop developing Eyebrow Artist there, we also added skills in listening to understand and reach deep feelings. that customers want in eyebrow shaping Because we know that 3D eyebrow shaping is not just an answer to external appearance needs. But you must respond to the inner feelings that the customer has. So that customers always receive what is good for them. That is the destination we want to give to all our customers.

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.
**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Because 3D eyebrow painting is a job that requires delicateness. The beauty of each person is unique and different. We cannot use the same 3D eyebrow pattern for everyone, so a talented Eyebrow Artist Have experience and expertise and have a deep understanding of each customer's needs

So you can create perfect works. is work that is both beautiful and suitable for the customer and is truly desired by customers This is one of the reasons why customers have confidence in Adena for more than 20 years because they receive great care from a quality Eyebrow Artist, whether Junior or Senior. In addition, Adena also has personnel in other areas. We give importance and are ready to perform beauty duties that meet the needs of every customer as well.

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