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Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Beautiful, full face with new shaped eyebrows.

Highlights on women's faces In addition to the eyes that girls Given the most importance Another point that is no less important is the eyebrows. Many people say that shaping their eyebrows is difficult, so they choose a solution by tattooing their eyebrows. Let's take a look at the pro's advice on this matter.

What is 3D eyebrow tattooing? Why does everyone want to do it?

Sometimes, natural eyebrows still don't satisfy women. Many people are therefore looking for ways to enhance their eyebrows to make them beautiful and bouncy as desired, especially 3D eyebrow tattooing which is highly popular. Whether it's making straight eyebrows like Korean girls. Or people with thin eyebrows who want to add sharpness to their face. Even some people just want to improve or correct minor flaws to enhance their physiognomy. Increase your credibility and personality to look more confident.

Making 3D eyebrows can answer this problem by A.A. Adena An expert in 3D eyebrow painting said, “There are two types of 3D eyebrow painting: opaque painting and line drawing. For creating lines, that is, drawing along the line (shadow) of the eyebrows. It can make it look thin or thick, depending on the placement of the lines along the shadow of the eyebrows. If you want it to be thick, place a few more lines along the shadow of the eyebrows. To make the eyebrows feel busier But if you want some There are a few empty lines. The difficulty in drawing eyebrow lines lies in making each line look flowing. They are natural and beautifully arranged. But opaque painting involves painting the color onto the surface (the eyebrows) fully, making the color look smooth and have a beautiful shape.”

Things you need to know before and after getting your eyebrows tattooed

Important elements in eyebrow design aside from facial structure and overall personality. You also have to consider muscle lines, bone lines, and hair lines in order to create new eyebrows that look as natural as possible for each person. For any ladies who want to get 3D eyebrow tattoos, what you should prepare in advance is doing the skin during the that is as strong as possible By refraining from injecting Botox (eyebrow area) for at least 5 months from the last time, refraining from plucking eyebrows, avoiding waxing the hair (eyebrows) and doing laser work near the eyebrows because the skin is usually more fragile after laser treatment. normal as well as various types of medicines that when applied causes the skin to shed cells “After the eyebrow painting was completed in the first period It should not be exposed to water for about 3-5 days because the lines are very fragile. Be sure to apply the medicine often. To provide moisture to the skin Avoid sunlight because it may cause the eyebrows to look darker than normal. Refrain from laser treatment and applying creams that make your skin white or creams that help speed up skin cell turnover faster than normal. as well as medicines that contain strong acids or chemicals Because the skin during this period is still delicate, we must be careful,” A. A. Adena advised.


3D eyebrow tattoos can last for approximately 3 years and are tattooed deep into the epidermis. Over time, the skin will peel off on its own. Makes the paint used to gradually fade away without the need to erase it. But if you don't like it and want it removed or fixed, you must have the tattoo removed by a medical professional. Using laser only. The price depends on the efficiency of the laser machine used and the expertise of the doctor.

What is 3D eyebrow tattooing?
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