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Eyebrow Story

Eyebrows are another prominent point on a person's face. Whether male or female If you have beautiful eyebrows that perfectly match your face. It will help enhance your personality to stand out. There has been a lot of trends in eyebrow tattooing over the past year, and we found that Adena Beauty Clinic (ADENAA) It is another beauty clinic that is famous for creating the most beautiful and natural three-dimensional eyebrows at this time.

People who will talk and give knowledge about eyebrows with HAMBURGER are: Teacher A-Rungnapa Sae-Oh Founder of Edina Who has spent more than 20 years in creating eyebrows, resulting in the results of designing eyebrow shapes that have been passed by Master A. It becomes an eyebrow shape that fits each person's face shape beautifully and exactly as desired. And here are Professor A's words about eyebrow trends that girls want to know.

Eyebrow trends from the past to the present

The evolution of eyebrows from the past to the present There is constant change. In the past, arched eyebrows might have been popular. But these days, he's popular with Korean-style eyebrows. which is a very popular trend No one does the arched eyebrows of the past. Because it's ancient Eyebrows have an age just like fashion that changes trends from time to time as well.

Even now the Korean eyebrow trend is strong. But let me tell you that not everyone can do Korean eyebrows. The important thing that we want to tell everyone about beautiful eyebrows is that they must match the shape of your face. It's like when we choose clothes. We have to choose one that suits our body shape. Eyebrows are the same.

Creating eyebrows according to Edena's style

The eyebrow design here is divided into 2 parts: there is the design part. and the painting part Like eyebrow design We directly accept those with a degree in fine arts. Someone who will design eyebrows for customers Therefore, he is a person who has a good understanding of anatomy and knows about light and shadow. Placing the eyebrow outline to suit each person's face shape And another part that has to come to work from the designer is People who have previously graduated in medical technology, nursing, or nursing assistants Because he is an expert in using various equipment. Both parts will do their own thing. and connect together as a duo One person takes care of beauty. Look at the suitability of light and shadow. Another person will look at the beauty of the eyebrow lines, cleanliness, and neatness in the work. Both of them will work together without changing partners.

Adena's unique three-dimensional eyebrows

When we make art In the matter of doing each eyebrow job It's not just drawing and aiming to see whether it's beautiful or not. Our way of working is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's emphasis on composition. We have carefully calculated that How can I shape my eyebrows with a face like this? And in which direction is the light incident? Eyebrow work that has been carefully calculated. When finished, they turned out to be perfect eyebrows. And at Adena, we place importance on organizing a team of experts in eyebrow design. There is a meticulous way of working. And you can be assured that it is definitely clean and safe.

Adena's unique three-dimensional eyebrows
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