Starting with surgery Ended up getting an eyebrow tattoo to cover the scar – HiSoParty Magazine

Starting with surgery Ended up getting an eyebrow tattoo to cover the scar. Magazine
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Anyone who has followed this column all along You will probably see pictures and clear up doubts about 3D eyebrow tattooing, as well as get additional techniques to enhance the beauty you already have to make it even more beautiful.

For the story that Professor A would like to share today. It's related to cosmetic surgery. Personally, I think it's art. Another interesting side Have you ever wondered why some doctors have long queues that last over a year? The price is very high. That's probably because it has both Art+Science, causing a very good response. The more creative the surgeon's surgery is, there are more and more changes and developments, such as opening the corners of the eyes wider. Eyebrow lift surgery to look youthful Your eyes will look bigger. The important thing is that there is no scar on the eyelid. (In the past, there would only be a double eyelid incision.) And to prevent drooping eyelids, cut the skin under the eyebrows and sew them to hide the scar under the eyebrows. Make your eyes look bigger without actually having to do surgery on the eyelids

Eyebrow tattoo to cover scars

All of which will help the girls. It really looks more beautiful and natural, but the problem is the scar that is sewn and hidden under the eyebrow! That will come and find an eyebrow artist later! Because the scar under the eyebrow is very small. But it was along the entire length below the eyebrow. And sometimes the wound isn't small. The owner of the eyebrows often comes with a request that “Please help me tattoo my eyebrows to cover this scar.

When you get a question like this We have to try our best to cover up the scars for our customers. To make the work come out the best Sometimes when the skin has scars, the condition of the oily skin changes. Eyebrow tattooing to allow the color to stick to the scar will inevitably be distorted. Because the skin lacks elasticity In the end, it caused the eyebrow work on the scar to look hard as well. In some cases, the wound is very long. Play until your head spins, your temples ache, you feel dizzy...all at once.

In the latest case, Professor A encountered this and even cried out "Oh nooooooo" because a customer went for eyebrow lift surgery. And there was a scar above the patient's eyebrow. It is in the shape of a half moon. Lift until the eyebrows look completely misshapen. I also instruct patients that they can get eyebrow tattoos to cover the scars. OMG!!! I really want to call and tell that doctor that Dr. Kha... eyebrow tattooing has its limitations. It's not possible to have an eyebrow tattoo that high up. Because of how strange his face would be. The important thing is that when the owner of the eyebrows raises their eyebrows or frowns, the muscles around the eyebrows and the tattoo are different places! I really can't picture it. That if you frown or raise your eyebrows The tattooed eyebrow doesn't move at all. What will happen to the owner of those eyebrows? (Having said that, I need to find inhalant immediately.) There are still many surprises that many people don't know. Anyway, let's keep following along...

Eyebrow tattoo to cover scars
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