About Us

Ajarn A, founder of the Adenaa Aesthetic Clinic, is recognized and accepted for her expertise as a well known eyebrows artist of Thailand. From an experience of 20 years and an inspiration from the world’s great artist, Leonardo Da Vinci, who took an interest in science, plus the ability to associate several branches of art together, it results in the creation of beauty in the form of 3D eyebrows, as combining the science of analyzing different facial figures with the art of designing eyebrow shapes based on each individuality.




An insightful understanding of individual needs and an attention to distinctive details, as well as the professionalism desiring to step across the former concept and method of eyebrow paint, bring about the steps of service provision which is a technique unique to Adenaa, under the name of “Adenaro” . It has been designed for professional duo, i.e. for experts in line art design and trained assistant nurses to be able to work together to provide precise and beautiful 3D eyebrow paint with natural delicacy most similar to real eyebrows.

Analysis of facial figure

From a photo prior to the treatment in order to design an eyebrow shape fit for each face.

Designing an eyebrow shape

By drafting an eyebrow structure for actual view and customer’s satisfaction before painting.

Painting each eyebrow hair

Based on the designed structure; while doing so, the light and shade is observed before drawing to the actual hairline stroke to achieve dimensional and naturally beautiful eyebrows in every view.

Verifying every step of satisfaction

Before and during the action in order to correct it right to the point and reach the desired result.