Can men have 3D eyebrow paint?

Absolutely yes. For men eyebrow paint, it requires more skill and expertise than that for women; and it is emphasized mainly on a natural look of eyebrows. In reality, men do not have make-up on like women, so the result must look as real as possible. It is then necessary to get the service as done only by a highly skilled and experieced person.


How can we know which shop has a good quality of 3D eyebrow paint?

It can be known on the observation on the expert’s reputation as well as the feedback. Nowadays, the social network enables us to easily find information or chat with those who have had 3D eyebrows painted. We should not only rely on the pictures shown because most of the clients who come to us for correction of the unsatisfying eysbrows as done elsewhere, tell us that right after the service, it looks like what is in the review picture, but after peeling off it does not look as good. Plus, there are another problems afterwards, for instance, the color does not stick to the skin; or if it does, it does not appear in lines and it becomes stained after being added. So, when processing the information from anywhere, if you feel unsure of what you see, please refuse to take the service. If it is done by an unexperienced technician, the eyebrow paint will certainly look unreal as the result. Also, when our skin is bruised and stained with colors, it will be difficult and take a lot of time to correct it. Eyebrow painting is not different from surgery; if any error occurs, it will takes months for rectification, with a waste of time and money. An expensive surgery is the surgery that needs correction. So, it is better to only do one time and have the best eyebrow paint.


Can the 3D eyebrow paint last as long as the permanent makeup eyebrows?

Our 3D eyebrow paint is placed on the epidermis range. Prior to the treatment, anesthetic will be used to reduce the pain. However, it will not last as long as the permanent makeup eyebrows, which goes more deeply to the corium dermis, and its process is quite painful, but renders long-lasting color. For some, the permanent makeup eyebrows can last for 10 years. There are quite a number of clients who wish to correct the permanent makeup eyebrows to the 3D eyebrow paint with Adenaa. Eyebrow paint will last depending mainly on the skin condition of each person; in most cases, it will last around 2-3 years before disappearing. The good thing is that we can change the eyebrow shape to match the trend. For example, the Korean eyebrow shape as popular nowadays is not like that of our mother’s generation. In addition, as we get older, the facial figure will slightly change. When the eyebrows are fading, we can have it adjusted to suit our face.


I am much worried about infection, how can I observe about it?

First of all, you should make an observation on the place of services; cleanness-lovers prefer working in a space that is clean and up to standard. Used materials are discarded every time; strictly, no recycle is allowed. It is recommended to observe the things to be used with us, such as needles which must be new and never used, colors for paint which must be used separately and must not be dipped in mixture, and other equipments which must be disinfected with disinfectant agents; or the sterilizer which must be standardized.


After the service, will there be any inflammation or swelling? Can we go back to work afterwards?

With quality equipments and tools, and the correct way of rendering the service, there will be no swelling at all. You can live everyday life as normal.


If the original eyebrows are very thinning, and its tail-end is very low, what should I do?

Very thinning eyebrows or without hairs require high-level skill and expertise, the service must be performed only by an expert. The low tail-end can be adjusted by an expert who will design a new eyebrow structure to fit the face.


How does the lined pattern look like real eyebrow hairs?

With a unique Adenaro technique of Adenaa, in which the professional duo is performed by a design expert and an assistant nurse working together, the eyebrow structure will be designed and beautifully shaped to suit the facial figure first, and then the lined pattern will be painted to imitate the real eyebrow hairs, one by one on the original hairline, with the consideration about reflection and refraction of light and shade at all degrees. This results in an eyebrow lined pattern that looks naturally fluttering just like real eyebrows, and harmonious to our own eyebrow hairs as much as possible.


What is Adenaa’s 3D eyebrow paint? Is it like the method of eyelash extensions?

No, the 3D eyebrow paint is the creation of lines on the skin, much like tattooing. There will be no hair out, it is light and fine lined pattern similar to real eyebrow hairs. It also gives a younger and more natural look than the permanent makeup eyebrows.


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