Why do customers choose us?

Eyebrow painting at Adenaa

Professional Expert

“Master A, founder of ADENAA Accumulated experience for more than 29 years, has experienced and expertise in 3D eyebrow painting and the first pioneer in Thailand. that has been trusted by more than 50,000 service recipients and always adheres to “Customer satisfaction is the most important thing.” Therefore, ADENAA pays attention to every customer need. Under what is appropriate and suitable for the face shape is important.

One Stop Service

It is the first and only eyebrow design institute in Thailand, providing a one stop service using the innovative Pico Enlighten laser eyebrow removal technology imported from the United States, to help and take care of customers who have problems with their original eyebrow tattoos or want to remove the previous work eyebrow tattoo before having new eyebrows painted. Adenaa also has experts to help assess the tattoo spots that need to be removed before having new eyebrows painted. We analyze the customer's facial structure to correct the desired points by removing only the necessary spots for painting new eyebrows. It may not be necessary to remove everything because keep the original customer's skin condition is important.

Professional Duo

At Adenaa, two experts collaborate to design and perform eyebrow tattooing for clients. The artistic specialist follows anatomical principles to create beautifully shaped eyebrows that complement the facial structure, utilizing the AdenaRo technique. This process involves collaboration with the medical team to ensure precision and safety in the application of eyebrow patterns.

Standards of Cleanliness

"Standard of cleanliness equivalent to leading medical facilities. At Adenaa, every area is a globally standardized infection-free zone. Customer service areas, including walkways and waiting areas, undergo thorough cleaning with disinfectant every 2-4 hours. Additionally, special cleaning with UV radiation is performed to reduce the risk of infection. All types of medical equipment, including tools used for eyebrow tattooing, undergo sterilization and are disinfected with UV-C equipment, effectively eliminating pathogens. After cleaning, every item is wrapped to prevent contact before use. Importantly, high-risk items such as blades or needles are not reused, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and safety throughout the eyebrow tattooing process at Adenaa

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