Principles of eyebrow design


A working concept to create perfect eyebrows in every dimension.

At Adenaa, we employ the Perfect Triangle principle as a foundational guide for data collection, analysis, and evaluation. Coupled with advanced design science such as AdenaRO, this approach helps us determine the optimal balance that results in the most perfect eyebrow design across every dimension for each customer. This comprehensive method includes

WANT = Customer needs or concerns.

Even though a team of experts measured and calculated to get the perfect eyebrows, According to the natural basis of each customer's facial structure. Those eyebrows might be beautiful eyebrows in theory.

However, recognizing that the Perfect Triangle principle alone may not fully address the preferences and concerns of our customers, Adenaa places a strong emphasis on understanding and accommodating individual needs, tastes, and concerns. Our commitment lies in ensuring that every individual who undergoes eyebrow painting with us not only achieves beautiful eyebrows but also feels a deep sense of satisfaction, pride, and love for their enhanced eyebrows.

NEED = internal structural problems

The proportions of each customer's outer face hold paramount importance for our Professional Duo team at Adenaa when designing eyebrows. The top priority is to ensure that the eyebrows harmonize with the individual's facial structure, precisely positioned—not too short or too long. Moreover, our focus extends to minimizing and concealing various facial imperfections, ultimately enhancing the overall appearance of the face.

FUNCTION & LIFESTYLE = Understanding daily life, doing activities

The responsibilities and considerations are extensive. Achieving eyebrows that complement your face and fulfill every need is crucial, but the definition of perfect eyebrows extends beyond aesthetics to positively impact the daily lives of individuals. For instance, clients in positions requiring trustworthiness or those with a minimal makeup lifestyle focusing on bare facial skin have unique needs. Our expert team comprehensively takes such information into account, tailoring eyebrow designs to suit specific lifestyles. This may involve adjusting the darkness of the eyebrows to convey seriousness or credibility. Additionally, the coloring intensity is carefully modified to ensure natural-looking eyebrows that seamlessly blend with a bare face.

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