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Institute for designing eyebrow care and balancing facial contours

The beauty of a perfect facial structure is the ultimate desire of women. And what will make the facial structure stand out is having beautiful eyebrow shapes. More than 29 years of experience from A.D.A. Adenaa, an institute designing eyebrow care and balancing the perfect facial structure. Giving importance to safety by experts in eyebrow design and specialist doctors, the first in Thailand and adhering to the principle "Customer satisfaction is the most important thing"

Master A Adenaa

Professor A Adina, Thailand's leading Elite Eyebrow Master. Founder of Edena and pioneer of the long-standing innovation of 3D eyebrow painting.

To correct the shape of the eyebrows and balance the facial structure. By innovation in eyebrow design Professor A has invented it by combining knowledge in many fields of art, including ideal beauty, advanced shadowing and shape techniques, combined with science and physiology of different facial structures as well as skin conditions. This leads to Edena's unique technique called AdenaRo, advanced eyebrow painting technique Create beautiful eyebrows that are perfect for each person. For perfect beauty in every degree

AdenaRO by ADENAA technique
“Adenaro” unique to “Adenaa”

“Adenaro” technique for measuring facial contours in 29 points, the origin of the idea from Professor A.

With artistic ability that understands the refraction of light and shadow. Along with in-depth research on eyebrow design. Inspired by Leo Nardo Davinci

Therefore, we invented and designed a technique that can create perfect eyebrow beauty. and beautiful and perfect from every angle This is a technique used by the Adina design team. Used to design eyebrows for customers. Able to meet the needs of customers perfectly and individually

The “Adinaro” technique measures the facial structure in 29 points. It is a technique developed by Adena's design team. Used to design eyebrows for customers. In order to get a beautiful eyebrow shape that is most suitable for the customer's face shape.

The reason why hundreds of thousands of customers choose...

Eyebrow painting at Adenaa

Professional Expert

“Expertise” that has accumulated more than 29 years of experience has been trusted by more than 50,000 customers, including Thai people, celebrities, leading people in the industry and foreigners.

One Stop Service

The first and only eyebrow design institute in Thailand. that provides comprehensive services By bringing the Pico Enlighten laser eyebrow removal technology into service at Adena. To help take care of customers who have problems and want to remove their old eyebrow tattoos before having their new eyebrows painted. Complete care in one place

Professional Duo

Services provided by 2 experts by Eyebrow Artist, an art expert. It will be designed according to Anatomy principles using the Adenaro technique. Give your eyebrows a beautiful shape that matches your face shape by working with the Medical Eyebrow Artist, a team of doctors who take care of painting the eyebrows. Maintain cleanliness and sterility according to strict standards.

Standards of Cleanliness

Cleanliness standards comparable to leading medical centers Wipe clean with disinfectant every 2-4 hours and disinfect with UV rays at service points. As well as all types of medical equipment and tools, Sterilized and wrapped every piece of equipment. For the highest standards of cleanliness and safety for eyebrow surgery at Adena in every step of the work.



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