Winter has come With Santa's white-bearded Uncle Magazine

Winter has come With Santa's white-bearded Uncle Magazine

This month should be a month of happiness for many people. People want to come as much as possible. With an atmosphere full of decorations to welcome the New Year festival. But before that day comes There are days around the world that are important. Especially for children And look forward to it. How about Christmas? Hohoho!! Uncle Santa, a fat man in a red suit, white hair, and a white mustache, brings gifts through the chimney. Put it in the socks that the children Hang it in front of the fireplace at night.

But how old will Uncle Santa be? But he must be very old because his hair, mustache, and eyebrows are all white. As Professor A has briefly told you, eyebrow color or various hair colors It is caused by the melanin pigment that the body produces in the same way as the skin color. Asian people usually have more black-brown pigment than European people with blond hair. which has more red-brown pigments (Time to grow old Less hair pigment is produced. But more skin pigment is produced.) As we age, various systems in the body begin to deteriorate. The work of melanin pigment will stop. So it changed to white. This means that there is no pigment at all. But even though he is old and white, his hair still looks very shiny and strong. It may be that Uncle eats food that is good for the body. Because normally if the hair is white or gray If not well taken care of It may change to yellow. And because Uncle is in the North Pole It was only covered with snow and there was little sunlight, so the hair looked richer than that of an average person.

Winter has come With Uncle Santa, white beard

Are you jealous of Uncle Santa now? You don't have to! Professor A has some secrets that will help make your hair shiny and healthy.

1.Eat nutritious food To help nourish the hair to be shiny and strong.

2. Take care of yourself. For example, choose to use various conditioner products or hair care creams. or living a life that avoids sunlight It will affect the body's production of melanin pigment.

3. Age is not important. It's true that aging affects the production of less pigment. (What would you like to produce? But it doesn't produce as much as we want.) But if we eat nutritious food and take good care of ourselves, Even though the body produces less melanin, it causes the hair to turn white. But it will be white hair that is beautiful, shiny, and strong.

Skin and coat health Sometimes it can tell us the health of our internal bodies. If we are not strong What disease do you have? Skin color will look dull. Or sometimes the hair can fall out. Always take care of your own physical and mental health. Including the people around you as well, for the new year that is approaching. The teacher wishes all readers to be strong. (Every hair, too. J) Next year, 2018, Professor A will ask to stop writing for a break. The next issue will be the last issue that we will see each other.

… Happy New Year in advance …

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