Marketplus interviews the number 1 most popular 3D eyebrow painting clinic.

Marketplus interviews the number 1 most popular 3D eyebrow painting clinic.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

The beauty business is One of the important businesses that has received very good response nowadays, which has become more and more popular. Because beauty or appearance is Things that help build and promote personality in living in today's society or help promote a good image. Resulting in business3D eyebrow painting It is another business that has increased market growth.

whichAdina Clinic Has captured the highest market share From customer popularity and service quality As a result, there are currently more than 50,000 customers. In addition, Adena Clinic plans to expand its customer base to foreign markets by communicating via online. Resulting in increasing market share up to 20% and having a trend of continued growth. It can be considered a clinic that provides 3D eyebrow painting services that is rapidly growing. In the top ranking of Thailand


Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Key Success of Adena Clinic

What makes Adena Clinic popular? Until it becomes “3D Eyebrow Painting Clinic” number 1 in the country is the science and art of 3D eyebrow painting that is unique with the Adenaro technique that will be considered. Customer personality Facial structure suitable for eyebrow shape Eyebrow mood Customer lifestyle which affects the appropriate eyebrow shape with each individual customer Every step goes through the analysis process. and meticulously consider And the important thing is The eyebrows that the customer receives will be realistic and beautiful eyebrows. and natural

Where Adena is considered the prototype clinic for eyebrow painting clinics. The first and only one that has a doctor giving advice every day about eyebrows and hairs to help answer customers' needs in every aspect. There is also a Professional Duo who works together as a team to help create lines that are appropriate for the eyebrows. The click of every customer. These two strengths make Adena different and stand out from the rest. General eyebrow salon

And above all else, what Adena is aware of is the safety of its customers. Focusing on cleanliness Caring for equipment Sterile tools To make customers impressed and maximum satisfaction


Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

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