3D eyebrow painting can help lift and tighten your eyebrows.

3D eyebrow painting can help lift and tighten your eyebrows.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

There is another problem with eyebrows that makes girls... I feel like I'm not very cute. Moreover, it makes the face look gray and sad. That is the problem of drooping eyebrows. And this eyebrow drooping problem can occur from many factors. and can be resolved in many ways. Solving problems with appropriate methods and at that point will help the face look brighter. But if it's not to the point Problems can still come back to you at any time. And today we will come to understand the problem of drooping eyebrows.

What are the forms of the problem of drooping eyebrows?

The problem of droopy eyebrows mainly comes in 2 forms:

  1. Eyelid muscle problems Makes the eyebrows fall as well.
  2. Eyebrows droop at the natural eyebrow line.

Both problems may be caused by genetics that has caused you to have droopy eyelids or droopy eyebrows since birth. But for the ptosis muscle problem, it can occur later as well. May be caused by certain diseases. or caused by increasing age There is a loss of collagen and elastin around the eyes. As a result, the skin begins to sag, causing the eyelids to droop. The eyebrow line also appears to fall.

Solving the current problem of falling eyebrows

With modern technology in today's era Solving the problem of drooping eyebrows can be done in a variety of ways as follows:

  1. Surgery or cosmetic surgery
  2. Treated with technology such as laser, etc.
  3. Botox
  4. thread lift
  5. 3D eyebrow painting

The solution will depend on consideration by medical experts. You can use a combination of each method for treatment. It depends on the suitability and problems of each person. It will consider the problem of droopy eyebrows combined with eyelids. If droopy eyebrows have a great impact on the eyelids. causing vision problems You may choose to consider surgery. But if you want your eyebrows and eyelids to look slightly open. May consider using medical tools such as lasers, etc. In the case where you want your eyebrows to be further apart. or the eyebrow shape is slightly arched May consider using Botox. This method also reduces the problem of forehead wrinkles. But if you inject too much Or in the wrong position may cause problems with drooping eyes. or eyebrows raised unnaturally high In the case where the eyebrows fall off the natural eyebrow hair line It is recommended to use the 3D eyebrow painting method.

3D eyebrow painting

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

3D eyebrow painting helps solve the problem of drooping eyebrows and can be used with any method.

3D Eyebrow Painting at Adena We consider eyebrow designs that help correct eyebrow problems. Balancing the face shape, so for people who have problems with eyebrows falling out due to the natural eyebrow hair line 3D eyebrow painting involves painting individual eyebrow hairs that help adjust the shape of the eyebrows to make them look lifted. It is also painted in a shape that suits your face. Therefore, it is an adjustment of the eyebrow shape that makes the overall view of the face look balanced. Helps the face look brighter. Not as dull as before But more than that 3D eyebrow painting can also be considered in conjunction with other forms of droopy eyelid or eyelid correction, but the order in which it is performed depends on suitability. For example, if you have undergone surgery to correct droopy eyelids. already You can paint your 3D eyebrows after doing it. To enhance the beauty of the eyebrows to match the raised eyes. But if it is a Botox injection that people these days recommend to lift and tighten the eyebrows. It is not recommended to inject before 3D eyebrow painting because it will change the shape of the eyebrows. and thus the designer does not know the true shape of the eyebrows. And muscle movement may not be noticeable if it's just been injected.

For anyone who is considering Botox injections in the eyebrow area and 3D eyebrow painting at the same time to double their beauty. I would like you to consider 3D eyebrow painting first in order to adjust the eyebrow shape to suit the face first. Then gradually solve the problem in more specific areas with Botox injections. because it will not affect the shape of the eyebrows But if Botox is injected first Then the Botox will relax. There will be a problem with changing the shape of the eyebrows again. Because the muscles in the upper face have changed.

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