New trend for clear, glowing skin by tattooing foundation on the face.

New trend for clear, glowing skin by tattooing foundation on the face.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

It is believed that whether female or male, there is a desire to have beautiful, radiant skin without dark spots. The more new Korean trends come through celebrities. Actors or singers with fair, white skin So shiny and shiny that it almost reflects light like a mirror. It makes the trend of shiny, shiny skin even more popular. Whether it's makeup Or using various creams to nourish the skin to be clear like Korean stars.

But the reality is that having mirror-like skin doesn't just require skin that doesn't have wrinkles or dark spots. But the skin must be firm, tight, and the pores smooth and fine. and moisturized skin condition There is enough water in the skin to help prevent the skin from dryness. Healthy skin like this is able to reflect light that hits it, making it appear bright and shiny. But even some people have naturally shiny skin with healthy skin. But it's still not as shiny as what we see in commercials or in Korean series. Because the actors on screen have gone through makeup. And there are lights to help. In advertisements, the more the skin is adjusted to look more radiant than usual. To attract attention and make us want to buy products Therefore, in real life, we cannot see people with shiny skin. It shines so brightly that it seems to reflect light like a mirror on the streets.

New trend for clear, glowing skin by tattooing foundation on the face.

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Coming back to talking about a new trend that has many tattoo shops in Korea, "Foundation tattoo (BB Glow)" is the use of a foundation color with a small amount of pigment combined with the technique of tattooing the pigment onto the superficial layer of the skin. In order to hope for the results that the customer wants as follows:

1. Pigment may be stuck on the upper layer of the skin. Makes the face look smooth. Shine like applying a thin layer of foundation.

2. Using small needles causes injury to the facial skin. May result in skin cell exfoliation Helps the skin look brighter.

3.Some important substances that are tattooed may help in nourishing the skin. (Depends on each product formula)

New trend for clear, glowing skin by tattooing foundation on the face.

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Normally, this technique must be used with extreme caution because it can cause various negative effects. If the practitioner is not experienced enough, it may cause the skin to develop dark spots, scars, uneven color, infection, and blemishes. The skin can The disadvantage of implanting a foundation color is that if the tattoo is too deep, If the color is already stained The solution will be difficult. Because the laser used for erasing will not be able to erase this color. Or if the tattoo is too shallow, results will not be seen because the color will fall off and not adhere to the surface of the face.

Therefore, if you want your skin to look healthy, you must start by learning how to care for yourself first. And if there is a problem with the skin It is recommended to consult a skin specialist directly. in order to receive treatment correctly It will help you avoid many problems that will follow if you choose to be beautiful according to the trends.

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