ADENAA invites you to “do good according to Father's teachings”

ADENNA invites you to “do good according to Father's teachings”

Follow in His Majesty's footsteps with love and goodness. "Do good according to Father's teachings." People cannot just get what they want. “People must receive and must give” means further. And now also when receiving anything I must try to give. In giving, it can be done by trying to create unity among groups and people in the nation. Make groups and people trust each other. Wherever you can help, you can help with a truly generous heart.

royal advice bestowed upon students Khon Kaen University, April 20, 1978

ADENAA would like to present His Majesty the King's royal advice in the royal urn. Let's distribute it for the benefit and prosperity of life. This selected royal advice can be applied in real life in daily life and solve problems in society by creating the project “Adina invites you to do good according to Father's teachings. Invite everyone to donate to the fund. Support the Thai Red Cross Society” in order to donate all proceeds as a royal charity to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. With awareness and foresaw that When we receive it, we must share it. To allow others to receive the same as we have received. Therefore, we invite everyone who is interested. You can join in making donations from today - 31 Dec. 2016.

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