Experience of eyebrow tattoo removal with laser at Adenaa Clinic (Khun Ae Kusaya)

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.
Remove eyebrow tattoos with laser

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

In the past,Remove eyebrowsIt may seem difficult. Maybe due to the evolution of medicine. Including the expertise of each establishment with different experiences, resulting ineyebrow tattoo removal There are different steps and methods. Some may use a liquid (acid) to etch the tattoo color to peel off. Some places use flesh-colored tattoos to cover up the original tattoo. But for Adena Using a method to remove eyebrow tattoos with a laser which is a safe way It does not damage the skin and is provided by a specialist doctor. who have actually been able to retain a large number of customers

Khun Ae Kusaya is another person who has problems with The shape of the eyebrows is because in the past, more than 10 years ago, permanent eyebrows were very popular in Thailand. But nowadays, beautiful eyebrows must have lines that are natural and not opaque, so Khun A decided to have eyebrow tattoo removal at Adenaa Clinic.

eyebrow tattoo removal

Picture before deletion and afterRemove eyebrow tattoos with laser

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Why did you choose to remove your eyebrow tattoo with laser with ADENAA CLINIC?

“Before A came to get them removed, A had problems with the shape of her eyebrows because A had tattooed for a long time. When I changed them, the shape of my eyebrows changed. A studied and looked for a shop that would remove eyebrows. So many shops that A came to meet Adenaa Clinic.”

Are there any concerns during eyebrow tattoo removal? ?

“During the making Amy used to be concerned that During eyebrow removal If you don't have eyebrows then it will be scary. But the reality is not at all. As El brushed her eyebrows, A's eyebrows grew normally. Which I feel like it should increase even more than before.”

Remove eyebrow tattoos with laser

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

A picture of Khun A's eyebrows from before the eyebrow tattoo was removed until the eyebrow tattoo was finished. Deleted a total of 4 times.

What are the results after removing the eyebrow tattoo?

“The results came out. I don't have any original tattoos. My eyebrows are now growing normally.”

What is the care process after eyebrow tattoo removal?

“There aren't many steps in taking care of it. Just avoid water for about 1 day after eyebrow removal, which is not difficult at all.

What would you like Khun A to say to people who are interested in having their eyebrow tattoos removed?

“Who is concerned about eyebrow removal? Don't worry, because at Adenaa Clinic, when you come to get your eyebrow tattoo removed, your eyebrows can grow normally, so stop worrying that your eyebrows won't grow.”

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