Khun Yui Jiranan Manojam (3D eyebrow painting)

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

The acting profession is another profession where it is inevitable to have to put on makeup every day for scenes. Especially in the part of the "eyebrows" which is an important part that we call the crown of the face. "Khun Yui Jiranan Manojam" Came in to consult with Adina for 3D eyebrow painting. Khun Yui previously had beautiful eyebrows. But want to design a style that better suits the facial structure. After Teacher A evaluated Ms. Yui's eyebrow shape And recommended to enhance the head and tail of the eyebrows to look more shaped using Adena's senior Professional Duo team.

Khun Yui Jiranan Manojam

Plus a professional team There is precision in every degree. and have medical knowledge as well It's not like eyebrows can be done anywhere. Because if there is a mistake, it may not be as beautiful as before. But it's because Yui is confident in Adena's standards, including the team and equipment used. You can be confident like 100%. Thank you very much Adena. For beautiful, natural eyebrows like this.

Khun Yui Jiranan Manojam
Khun Yui Jiranan Manojam
Khun Yui Jiranan Manojam
Khun Yui Jiranan Manojam

At Adena, we understand our customers' needs. We therefore pay attention to the details of every customer. Because we intend to make everyone have beautiful eyebrows. Eyebrows that match the facial structure and make daily life easier Thank you for your friendliness, Yui. and trusting Adina to take care of my eyebrows

Khun Yui Jiranan Manojam

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