3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Hello, this blog will talk about eyebrow Let's talk about the eyebrows, they say that they are the crown of the face. Because it is an important part and complements the beauty and perfection of our face, many people have probably heard that if your eyebrows are beautiful and in shape, It will also be a time to enhance your physiognomy. Eyebrows that are too thin can make you look older. If your eyebrows are too thick, they will look messy. Today I will take you to get to know how to make 3D eyebrows with us. Adenaa Yes, and I will take you on a tour of the clinic along with a review of 3D eyebrow surgery here.

ADENAA specialized beauty clinic Founded by Acharn A Known and accepted as a famous Eyebrow Artist expert in Thailand. 

3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious

From more than 20 years of experience and inspiration from world-class artists like "Leonardo da Vinci" who are interested in science and the ability to connect many art forms together The result is a beauty creation in the form of 3D eyebrows that combines the science of analyzing different facial structures. and the art of eyebrow design Taking into account the reflection and refraction of light and shadows For perfect beauty in every degree for each person. 

at Adenaa There is not only eyebrow design and 3D eyebrow painting services only. But there are also services change lip color 3D scalp painting and personal beauty design In matters of face, skin and body shape, using modern medical technology and innovation such as Botox, Meso Fat, Laser &; Treatment, every step will be supervised by expert doctors. 

Jan will take you to visit the clinic and tell us about his eyebrow surgery experience. The clinic is located on the ground floor of Bangkok Mediplex Medical Center. Traveling is not difficult. If you come to BTS, there is a direct connection at Ekkamai Station, Exit 2. Or if you come by private car, there is parking in the building. Convenient.

3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious
3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious

When you arrive at the clinic area, you will see a reception for customers in front. The employees are smiling and cheerful. Good service, Ajarn A and Adenaa Eyebrow Artist Team. 

3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious
3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious

Walk in a little more. It will be another section for customers who have already made an appointment. Go in and get your eyebrows done inside. This area will be private. No one can walk in and out easily. Only employees and customers who have made an appointment will be able to use the service. 

3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious
3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious

A bed for customers to sleep on while getting their eyebrows done. Very comfortable. During the procedure, I fell asleep. The bed was very comfortable. There are mirrors and curtains to divide it into proportions. I really like it. 

3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious

On the first day, Jan went in to do an eyebrow design first. Edina will analyze the facial structure. and design the eyebrow shape to suit the face shape By sketching the shape of the eyebrows for the customer to actually see and asking about the customer's satisfaction first. You can tell me which type you like. All employees will have undergone training from Professor A. Everyone will have expertise. But each person's style is different. It takes 1 hour to design the eyebrow shape. If the customer likes and is satisfied with the eyebrow style, they can make an appointment to come and have their 3D eyebrows painted. 

Jan's eyebrows have been permanently tattooed before. A lot of the color has faded, some too, but it still has some of the original structure. The eyebrow designer draws it in 3D according to the original eyebrow shape. Make it thicker and more shaped. Jan wants thicker eyebrows because these days she always draws them thicker. 

It came out in this shape. It's very beautiful. I really like it. When I took a shower, I almost didn't want to remove my eyebrows, haha. But on the day we actually did the 3D eyebrows, they would be in this same shape. The person who designed Jan's eyebrows is Khun Dear. If anyone likes or is interested, please make a request.

3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious

Arrived on the actual eyebrow appointment day. Today will take a total of 4 hours. It's a bit long because you have to redraw your eyebrows for 1 hour and apply anesthetic. Then you come to paint the 3D eyebrows, which takes a long time because they are very delicate and meticulous here. Every step must be precise. The anesthesia was very good. The numbness was pleasing. I didn't feel any pain during the procedure. I slept well.

AD's 3D eyebrow painting is a technique of drawing lines like real eyebrows, one at a time, adding them to the original eyebrows. Makes your eyebrows have a beautiful, flowing shape that looks natural. Matches each person's face shape specifically. After doing this, there is no need to draw additional eyebrows.

After painting 3D eyebrows, very beautiful, I like it very much.

3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious
3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious

Before and after 3D eyebrows

The previous eyebrows were quite thin. Therefore making it look crooked. Makes you look older. And the eyebrows have faded a lot after 3D painting makes them look thick. more natural

3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious

I really like it. I look at my eyebrows all day. After doing it, it will look a little darker. They will gradually peel off and the color will fade. After the procedure, you need to take good care of them. AD should provide cream to apply to your eyebrows. This cream is hydrating. Cover your eyebrows. It's similar to petroleum jelly.

– Do not touch water for 7-10 days. 

– Apply the cream to your eyebrows every day, 2-3 times a day for 10 days.

– Do not pick, scratch or peel off the scabs yourself.

– Between the peeling scales There may be some color coming off. Don't worry because in another month the eyebrow color will be filled in to capture the details again.

As for Jan, the paint hasn't peeled at all because he took very good care of it. Don't peel off the scabs, they will slowly peel off on their own while the color is still on. Apply the cream thickly and gently.

This picture is the painted eyebrows. After about 5-7 days, you can live a normal life. Apply makeup as usual, just don't mess with your eyebrows. Always apply cream to your eyebrows to keep them moisturized at all times. and do not touch water When removing makeup, use cleansing water to wipe around, except for the eyebrows, and wash half the face first. After 10 days, apply water. With a little patience, I guarantee it will be worth it. 

3D Eyebrows with Adenaa by Jannilicious

Jan just went to get her eyebrows colored as well. After the first painting, leave for 1 month and fill in the eyebrows to capture the details again. After adding it, take care of yourself as usual. I'll keep updating pictures for you to see on social media.

3D eyebrows at Adina It will last about 1 year, depending on care. If you can avoid products that can be used on your face that contain alcohol, that's even better. Makes the color last longer.

Jan was very impressed with this place, both the service and the expertise of the staff. And at every step, there will be Ajahn A to help look at it. I felt that I was very well taken care of. The materials and equipment are complete, clean, safe, and traveling is convenient. I recommend it for people who are looking for an eyebrow job.

The service rate for 3D eyebrow painting is 10,000-15,000 baht (price depends on the difficulty of designing each individual's eyebrow shape).

The model that Jan makes is priced at 15,000 baht. If anyone is interested, they can ask for advice and have their eyebrows designed. Adenaa Clinic Open every day from 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

I would like to end the review here. Thank you Teacher A and Adenaa Clinic Very much. Thank you for watching. And see you on the next blog.

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