Eyebrow tinting, a new eyebrow shaping technique that you should know before deciding to do it.

Eyebrow tinting, a new eyebrow shaping technique that you should know before deciding to do it.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

In an era where women never stop being beautiful. New eyebrow techniques are constantly coming out for us to see. Eyebrow tinting is another technique that many people are interested in. If you try to search for eyebrow color on the internet. You can see that many people have come out to give reviews about eyebrow tinting. that the eyebrow color will come out beautiful The eyebrow color has been implanted naturally. Implanting eyebrow color changes your life to be beautiful. Every review creates excitement and interest in eyebrow tinting. To the point that sometimes we can't help but think that we want to have our eyebrows colored like theirs too. But in the moment that I think like this So we suddenly thought that Every time before deciding to do something, you should research it well. Today we have information about basic eyebrow color implants to share with you. What exactly is the technique for implanting eyebrow color? Is it really different to implant eyebrow color? So that girls can know and understand before deciding to implant eyebrow color.

Get to know about eyebrow tinting

What exactly is an eyebrow implant? Many people may have heard of eyebrow tinting. But for some people The word eyebrow tinting has never come to mind before. That's right, because eyebrow tinting is a new technique that has recently been talked about. However Eyebrow tinting is another way to enhance your eyebrows. No need to waste time sitting and drawing your eyebrows before leaving the house. Which eyebrow implantation has started to be talked about continuously. Maybe because they said Eyebrow implantation is a modern technique that helps solve the problem of not having eyebrows. Using technology to embed colors Embedding eyebrow color helps to fill in the eyebrows to make them more clear.

What is the technique for implanting eyebrow color?

Eyebrow tinting or Eyebrow Embroidery. The technique of eyebrow tinting is using small needles. Temporary eyebrow color is implanted into the skin. By implanting the eyebrow color into the 1-2nd layer of skin, it is considered to be the epidermis layer only. The eyebrow dye implant can last for 1-2 years, after which the color from the eyebrow implant will fade over time. How long will the eyebrow tint last? It depends on the skin condition of each person. For example, if you have dry skin. It will help the color stick more firmly than on oily skin. After implanting the eyebrow color The color may last longer if your skin is oily. By implanting eyebrow color, the color may fade easier and faster.

Eyebrow color implant

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Then implant the eyebrow color How is it different from other techniques?

Eyebrow dyeing is somewhat different from other techniques. Eyebrow dyeing is characterized by the color implantation. As the name suggests. Because eyebrow color implantation involves implanting color onto the 1-2nd layer of skin. Eyebrow color implantation uses pigment that is lighter than normal. But actually, whether it is the eyebrow color implantation technique or any other technique. The important thing about eyebrow shaping is not the name of the technique. But it depends on the result after the procedure, which is 2D or 3D eyebrows. Therefore, if we want to talk about the clear differences in eyebrow color implantation. So we can't tell if we still differentiate eyebrow shaping from the name, because actually we should differentiate the eyebrow shaping method from its appearance, whether it's 2D or 3D.

Eyebrow dimension is a naturally beautiful result.

No matter what technique girls choose to do their eyebrows. Whether to implant eyebrow color or not The most important thing is the visual dimension that makes the eyebrows look as beautiful and natural as possible. Because if you implant eyebrow color and end up with 2D eyebrows, it will make your eyebrows look hard and flat. Not as beautiful as you want Simply put, 2D eyebrows are opaque eyebrows. It's like coloring in the blanks. You will notice that the eyebrows will be dark, dense, and flat. If the technician puts a lot of weight into them, they will become permanent eyebrows. But if you put less weight on it, it can be a slide brow, Soft Stroke brow, or even an eyebrow tint as well. Because the above method of eyebrow shaping must be done gently. In order not to become dark and permanent eyebrows But it may have to be done as often as 2-3 times a year in order to maintain its lightness all the time, while 3D can be done more densely. Because if the color is too dark, it still makes the pattern feel dimensional and transparent. After completion, refill only 1 time per year or 1 time per year and a half. and also reduces skin injury It also saves time when returning to use the service. It also helps to keep the eyebrows from having any hard edges. of the frame, in addition to providing good opaque ventilation as well.

Eyebrow color implant

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

3D eyebrow tattoo Is it permanent eyebrow tattooing?

I understand that people are interested in eyebrow tinting because they don't want to get permanent eyebrow tattoos. Afraid it will be too dark Afraid of making a mistake and not being able to fix it Just burying the eyebrow color is enough. Sometimes worry makes us forget that The key to wanting to do eyebrows is to have beauty that suits our face.3D eyebrow tattoo It is one way that can answer your needs. And it certainly isn't.Permanent eyebrow tattooYes, however. Whether you use the method to implant eyebrow color 3D eyebrow tattoo or even any method If not done with an expert in gently implanting eyebrow color. It can cause serious mistakes that affect your feelings as well.

How is 3D eyebrow tattooing different from eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting involves implanting eyebrow tint into the epidermis. This involves applying pigment that may be lighter. As for 3D eyebrow tattooing, it is different from implanting eyebrow color in the details of making it. 3D eyebrow tattooing uses the same line drawing technique as art. that draws hairs one by one onto the actual face to make them flow beautifully. It's no different from an artist who meticulously puts every pencil tip into his work. 3D eyebrow tattooing is not something anyone can do. Including eyebrow coloring as well. Because eyebrows are delicate It requires an expert who has experience and a true understanding of facial elements. To help with 3D eyebrow tattooing or even eyebrow tinting to have the results you desire.

Adena takes care of every step for unique beauty.

The most beautiful eyebrows These are eyebrows that are suitable for each person's facial identity. We therefore pay attention to every detail in every service process. From design to aftercare for eyebrows We designed a working method called Professional Duo, a collaboration between 2 experts in design and specialized medical personnel. To create beautiful, natural eyebrows that suit you.

Pigmented ink, the key to 3D eyebrows, creates natural beauty, no different from eyebrow tinting.

Many young women may have heard that eyebrow tinting will make the eyebrow color look natural. Many people therefore change their minds and have their eyebrows implanted instead. Which is one misunderstanding. Because 3D eyebrow tattooingAdina Can provide natural beauty that is no different. or maybe more Because in addition to the high standard of eyebrow tattooing using 2 experts to do it, We also select quality pigment ink imported from Europe that has passed Derma Test, ensuring that it is safe. Does not contain substances that are harmful to the skin and body. Make every line look beautiful. It has a natural dimension and color that is no different from having your eyebrows dyed.

Eyebrow color implant

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

What should I choose between eyebrow tinting or 3D eyebrow tattooing?

Eyebrow tinting may be suitable for girls. that enjoys following trends Because of course Eyebrow shaping is no different from fashion. There are trends in shapes that change with the times. which the eyebrow color is implanted The color will fade within 1 year. You can always design a new eyebrow shape. But don't forget that The most beautiful eyebrow shape is the one that best suits your face shape. Considerations before doing eyebrows No matter what technique Whether you want to have your eyebrows dyed or have your 3D eyebrows tattooed, you should choose to do it with someone who has specific expertise. There are tools that are sure to be safe for you. Because whether it's eyebrow tinting or 3D eyebrow tattooing, there are expenses that you have to bear. Changes after doing Various care You definitely don't want to make a mistake. Instead of eyebrows changing your life to be great. It may be damaged if you change it. Therefore, everyone who is interested in getting eyebrow implants or 3D eyebrow tattooing should study the information carefully before deciding to do it.

Adina is ready to give advice on all matters of eyebrow beauty.

Nowadays, there are various trends in eyebrow shaping. There are names that cause confusion. Eyebrow tinting is another trend in eyebrow surgery that has only recently occurred. And this causes many people who are in the process of deciding to end their eyebrow problems that have been there for a long time, confused about what kind of procedure should be done: 3D eyebrow tattooing or eyebrow tinting? As Adina has more than 20 years of experience doing eyebrows for girls and has never stopped developing and studying eyebrows. We are therefore ready to give advice and recommend the best thing for you.

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