I want to rewrite happiness. Old bad things must be erased first.

I want to rewrite happiness. Old bad things must be erased first.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Open to happiness Fill your life with beauty Start by removing the wrong eyebrow tattoo. Who would believe that Eyebrow tattooing where we expect permanent beauty turns out to be temporary happiness. Just after 2-3 years, this variable of happiness has reversed. The shape changed, unlike in the beginning. Everything seems distorted. From pride in the crown of the face Now all that's left is worry that follows as a shadow. So what can you do to get back to living a happy life like before?

This may be a wound that many people have never revealed to anyone. I could only keep my feelings in my heart after my eyebrows that had been permanently tattooed changed their shape. And with the word permanent that is ingrained in the thought It cannot be fixed. Today, Adena doesn't want the word permanent to limit your thoughts. We therefore want to tell you how to fix it. Removing a tattoo that you're not happy with Then start being happier again. And no matter what method you've had your eyebrows tattooed. We can definitely help you manage.

Know how to fix and remove eyebrow tattoos today.

When someone has a tattoo, someone must have it removed. It's something that happens together. But it's not necessary that wherever it comes from, you have to delete it there. Because tattoo removal or correction requires different experts. And before deciding, you must study to understand first which method is most appropriate and safe. Currently, there are 3 ways to help take back the crown of the right person.

1.Erasing with chemical solution

There are both mild chemical liquids. and strong chemical liquids This is the solution to remove the tattooed color. But it is not popular today and is not popular in medicine. Because it cannot actually be deleted. Because the pigment from tattooing accumulates in the dermis. and highly acidic solutions may corrode the dermis. Therefore causing problems later such as scars, dark spots and the possibility of infection, etc. This method of removing with chemical liquid is mostly provided by beauty salons or tattoo shops that are not up to standard.

Damaged eyebrows, review of the wrong way to remove eyebrows

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Damaged eyebrows, review of the wrong way to remove eyebrows

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

2. Removal by tattooing with flesh color or covering it up.

This method will use a color that is close to our eyebrow color or skin color. It will be used in 2 cases: In the case of an error during the tattooing process, this method will be used to correct and cover up the error. And in another case, it is to cover up the original tattoo. If you use unrealistic colors to cover up or cover up the tattoo, It will make the color strange. And the covered-up tattoo will be thicker. not smooth Moreover, it is quite difficult to remove a flesh-colored tattoo by laser. This is because the laser will not be able to bind to the flesh pigment.

3. Laser erasing

Laser removal is the most popular method. Because it's safe, painless and can be assured that it can actually be edited or deleted. But caution is to choose services from a trustworthy clinic.

Damaged eyebrows, review of the wrong way to remove eyebrows

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Safe laser tattoo removal must be performed by a medical professional.

Nowadays, laser tattoo removal is considered the safest and most reliable method. However, to be truly safe, Laser tattoo removal should therefore be supervised by a medical professional. For the simple reason that medical specialists have knowledge of the anatomy of the eyes and around the eyes. Deleting or editing is therefore safe and efficient. Although nowadays there are many places that offer laser tattoo removal services. But it may be done by someone who doesn't really have knowledge about tattoo colors on the skin, which will cause mistakes as a result.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Understand the laser process by a doctor

Start analyzing your skin condition.

Laser treatment by a doctor is considered the safest because the doctor must analyze each person's skin condition before removing the tattoo. This is because different skin types affect the appropriate energy setting of the laser machine. This depends on the expertise of the medical professional. who must have experience in taking care of and solving the problem of eyebrow tattoos Because if the energy used is too strong and is not suitable for skin conditions Will cause the skin to develop dark spots, red spots, and sunburn.

Set the treatment process

After analyzing the skin condition The doctor will plan and process the treatment. This is because each person will undergo tattooing using different colors and methods. This affects the number of times the laser is fired and the power used each time. Because the intensity of the color on the skin of each person is different. This is an important detail that greatly affects the effectiveness of deletion and editing. And above all, the safety of the skin, eyes, and surrounding nerves.

Continuous care after laser

After the laser treatment, the doctor will evaluate the condition of the skin after making it in the most perfect condition. In order to prevent the skin in the area where the tattoo is removed from becoming fibrous, resulting in the inability to draw eyebrows or tattoos. Therefore, if the laser is not received by a doctor, there may be problems that follow.

Adena takes care of removing or fixing tattoos in 360 degrees, giving you peace of mind every time you get laser treatment.

At Adena, we are fully equipped with medical experts. Modern specialized tools and service that takes care of everyone at a premium level It's not just about treating and repairing your eyebrows. But in order to provide happiness that comes from beautiful, suitable eyebrows to every customer. You can be sure that Removing or fixing your eyebrow tattoo will be the best outcome for you.

Trust with expert doctors and design team

Eyebrow tattoo removal or reshaping is done by highly skilled and knowledgeable doctors. Treat by analyzing the skin condition of each customer which is different. and take care of tattoo removal to perfection Does not cause damage to the skin. To allow new eyebrow hairs to grow naturally The doctor will have a treatment plan. Provide information to customers and inform them of the steps, methods of treatment, and duration of initial treatment. So that customers can prepare before starting to actually do it. Working at Adena, medical specialists will plan the treatment. And always consult with the designer team before deleting. in order to know the location point that needs to be edited This can help in planning treatment to get eyebrows that are suitable for each person's face.

Confidence in treatment standards

In addition to treatment by medical experts We also have modern tools. and consider cleanliness in all forms Whether it is a service location every piece of equipment Including all service employees To ensure maximum safety for all customers.

Feel comfortable with care at every step.

With more than 20 years of experience in providing servicesEyebrow paintingand remove eyebrow tattoos All service providers have knowledge and understanding of treatment. Both doctors and a team of designers are ready to take care of customers at every step. Take care from before receiving service until after the tattoo is removed. To ensure that customers get the best results as they want.

Delighted with natural results

For Adina The most important thing that we consider the most when it comes to eyebrow tattoo removal is Eyebrow tattoo removed Eyebrow hairs must be able to grow back normally. Because we always think Whenever the customer does not continue with their eyebrow tattooing The original eyebrow hairs must still grow naturally. So that customers can have confidence and be happy with their beauty forever.

Delete… and open yourself to happiness in every moment.

Eyebrows are a small part. part of the face But it is an important part that helps increase our confidence. Many people may wonder. Why would just removing an eyebrow tattoo create such happiness? But sometimes happiness starts with just having confidence in yourself like this.eyebrow tattoo removalIt's like erasing worries. But the result is that the eyebrows return to their natural shape. Instead, it increases confidence. Multiply your happiness. All year we kept our worries hidden. After we delete it Our faces will become more beautiful from that smile. and a small smile It is also an opportunity for happiness to continue to come to us.

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