Make your eyebrows beautiful and eye-catching and turn around the PM 2.5 dust crisis.

Make your eyebrows beautiful and eye-catching and turn around the PM 2.5 dust crisis.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

In each person's life there are different crises. But there is one thing that everyone faces in common: the PM 2.5 toxic dust crisis covering the entire city. Crisis that affects the body Until he had to come out and protect himself by wearing a hygienic mask. Everywhere you look you see people with only the top half of their face remaining. Times like this are not only a health crisis. It is still a visual crisis... But it's not a fog-blocking vision. But it's about looking at people. that sometimes if there is no mask to hide We may see and stumble upon his beauty. However, Even though the crisis is starting to fade But it can always come back. But even if we don't have to face a dust crisis But there is a reason why we must wear masks. Or anything that hides half the beauty of our face like this. We'll do it in such a way that we can still shine. Today we will tell you tips that can help turn a crisis into an opportunity for you.

Usually, most women wear makeup and leave the house looking completely beautiful. But one day, an event occurred that made us leave the house without our full beauty. Close the opportunity to reveal our beauty. But for modern women, we don't just look at problems, right? But we will look for opportunities that will make us shine even if we don't see our whole face. And if we think the same way We will begin to see that Where in particular should we focus on applying makeup? Yes. eyebrow there

Create recognition with eyebrows

Did you know that eyebrows is an important help in making faces memorable. By the research results of the institute Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which investigated the recognition of human faces from images, found that whenRemove eyebrowsaway from the face, the ability to recognize it is greatly diminished which can be concluded that Eyebrows play an important role in helping humans recognize each other's faces. Therefore, beautiful, unique eyebrows are right for you. It will help encourage people who look at you to remember you. and may increase the attractiveness of the face as well If you decorate it beautifully, it suits your face shape very well. Therefore, who doesn't pay much attention to eyebrows yet? You need to try to focus more on your eyebrows. Some people who put on makeup may like to focus on their lips. Use a bright lipstick color But this time, if you try to change it to suit the new situation. Let's focus more on eyebrow decoration. Pay a little more attention to the details of drawing your eyebrows. Maybe you will see another side of the charm. Create something new in beauty that makes everyone turn to look at it.

Create a feeling with your eyebrows

There are many people who never know that eyebrows are a part that clearly reflects our emotions. Even though we didn't send any feelings back then Just go out. Some people may have encountered people who are afraid of us even though we haven't done anything. When I asked, I got the answer that he looked fierce, his face was fierce and scary. Oh, how could he be like that? Part of what is like this comes from the shape of the eyebrows. If we draw our eyebrows in a pointed shape with a high tip, then the more intense and dark the color will be. That will make people who look at us feel angry because when we express our feelings. The muscles in our face will move normally. And think about times when you're angry. or feel bad We will frown It looks like the eyebrows are pushed forward and pressed down. This causes the tail to point higher. And if we draw high eyebrows Until it feels like you are frowning all the time. People looking at you will feel like you're fierce or in a bad mood like that. Therefore, the shape of your eyebrows affects the feelings of people looking at you. You should therefore give importance to shaping your eyebrows and taking care of them. If you want people to feel good and warm, you might try drawing soft, fluffy eyebrows like the Korean actresses you're familiar with. Or draw neat eyebrows Go ahead and convey the message of being a person who takes good care of yourself. But if today you forget to trim your eyebrows or leave your hair untidy, people might view you as someone who doesn't care about yourself. 

Create interest in your eyebrows.

If you pay more attention to your eyebrows You will see the importance and want to see your eyebrows look good every day. Therefore, creating interest is probably not beyond decorating your eyebrows to look good. Currently, there are many methods. that helps promote beauty by decorating eyebrows Let's see if there are any helpers that will enhance the beauty of our eyebrows.

1. Eyebrow pencil

Basic items that girls We already have them in our cosmetic bags. Because this is an assistant that allows us to have beautiful eyebrows easily and quickly. which currently has a variety of shapes There are both round head and cut head types. Anyone who is good at any type can go and try it as they please.

2. Eyebrow pen

It looks similar to eyeliner. which has properties that make it last longer than eyebrow pencils and can be better waterproof and sweatproof

3.Eyebrows Kit

Eyebrow pencil item that comes in a cartridge. Complete with writing tools and many different colors to choose from in one cartridge. At first sight, some people might mistake it for eyeshadow. But it's not. The advantage of this item is that it helps the eyebrows look lighter and more natural than an eyebrow pencil.

4.Eyebrows Gel

It's a gel for eyebrows that was only released a few years ago. This item has the properties of long-lasting, clear color, suitable for people who want preciseness of their eyebrows.

5.3D Eyebrows

action3D eyebrow painting Another level of eyebrow drawing Technique for drawing lines like real eyebrow hairs, one at a time. Add it to the original eyebrow hairs to create beautiful shaped eyebrows. It sways and looks natural. It's different from permanent eyebrow tattooing in the method of painting and painting the lines. In which permanent eyebrow tattooing has heavy lines, making the eyebrows dull. Looks stiff and unnatural Suitable for people who want beautiful eyebrows even without touch-ups. Helps reduce time wasted in drawing eyebrows. And increase confidence every time you bare your face.

Make your eyebrows beautiful and eye-catching and turn around the PM 2.5 dust crisis.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Make your eyebrows beautiful and eye-catching and turn around the PM 2.5 dust crisis.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

On the day the crisis passed It made us think. If one day a woman only has eyes and eyebrows left, will she still be beautiful? But today we know how we can still be beautiful. And although today we may not have to wear dust masks anymore. But it's not like it won't happen again, so no matter what, we must always be prepared. And eyebrows are one tool that will definitely make you not miss out on beauty.

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