See the eyebrow painting process at Adina Pay attention to every detail from before to after.

See the eyebrow painting process at Adina Pay attention to every detail from before to after.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Have you ever received a work order that had to be delivered within 1 hour? The faster you hurry, the more opportunities you create for mistakes. Because we will not be able to pay attention to details as we should. Eyebrow painting is no different. Especially like Adina We don't view eyebrow painting as just drawing beautiful shapes and that's the end of it. But for us, we are creating works of art where every piece must be a masterpiece in order for every customer to receive maximum satisfaction. Therefore, every step is detailed and given time to paint meticulously. Today we will tell you every detail. Until you get results3D eyebrowsofAdinaWhat steps must you go through?

1. Consider the shape of your eyebrows before receiving service.

Before customers come to receive eyebrow shaping services with Adena An appointment will be reserved via Line: @Adenaa along with sending a photo of the customer's face to the team to consider the preliminary eyebrow shape. To recommend the right team to customers and meet the needs of customers to the utmost

2. Analyze the appropriate facial structure and eyebrow shape for the customer.

After the customer has received the date and time to enterEyebrow paintingSo, the first step before starting to paint your eyebrows? The team will consider the facial structure of the customer. To design an eyebrow shape that suits your face shape. It also analyzes to solve problems on the customer's face. For example, if the customer's eyelids droop. How can you design an eyebrow shape that makes your eyes look lifted? As well as planning for the future if customers want to change their eyebrow shape according to trends. What color should I use to paint my eyebrows? So that next time we will be able to adjust appropriately according to the needs of customers.

Eyebrow painting

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

3. Design the right eyebrows for customers to actually see.

After analyzing the facial structure Consider the eyebrow shape that helps correct various imperfections on the face. The team will design the eyebrow shape by sketching it on the face for the customer to actually see. So that customers will be able to clearly see that After painting this style, what will your face be like? When expressing feelings on the face What will the eyebrows look like? So how do customers feel when they have eyebrows like this? which in this step Customers can express their opinions fully. Or openly share your concerns with the design team. So that the team can recommend and adjust customer needs in the most appropriate and best way. Even though ADANA adheres to the principles of eyebrow design based on the Golden Ratio, we are ready to listen to every need of our customers. To make adjustments to make customers satisfied The eyebrow shape must also be beautiful and suitable for the customer.

Eyebrow painting

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

4. Prepare to paint your eyebrows.

Once the eyebrow shape has been concluded that the customer is satisfied with The team will apply anesthetic to the eyebrows. This will take a lot of time depending on the customer's skin condition. The team will have experts to consider for customers from the beginning.

5.Paint the eyebrows one at a time, making them look the same on both sides.

The final step is to create the right eyebrows according to the structure you have sketched. Where Adina uses the method of drawing eyebrows one at a time. This is based on the customer's natural eyebrow hairs. Copy each eyebrow hair individually for the most realistic look. We also consider the light and shadow that will make the eyebrows look truly natural. And most importantly, our painting of each eyebrow will not cause any difference or distortion in the slightest. It must be equal and balanced for true perfection.

Eyebrow painting

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

6. Take care after eyebrow painting with care.

After painting the eyebrows, ADena will give the customer Ointment to care for the skin and eyebrows after painting. Because the skin will be injured. There must be products that help take care of the skin condition. As well as taking care of the paint color to make it beautiful for longer.

Eyebrow painting

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

In every step of Adena's painting process Customers will be taken care of by a Professional Duo who is skilled in the art of taking care of designing eyebrow shapes for customers. and medical professionals who will consider the skin condition Take care of the skin around your eyebrows during the procedure. And you can always check the neatness while painting your eyebrows. So that customers can have the best eyebrows, both beautiful and healthy, without being damaged. In the process of making Adena's eyebrows, it takes up to 4 hours because we pay attention to every detail in every aspect. Minutes customers spend with us In addition, after painting eyebrows We are also ready to provide care, advice and consultation on a regular basis. So that customers can be the owner of beautiful eyebrows as they want.

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