Reduce your age and look younger with 3D eyebrow painting.

Reduce your age and look younger with 3D eyebrow painting.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

It's probably only natural that women of any age still want to own the beauty they desire. Especially for women from Middle Aged and up, whose youthfulness begins to fade with time. and want to find a way to restore youthfulness to oneself Nowadays, there are many ways to make you look younger. And another way that can help immediately and with obvious results is 3D eyebrow painting.

The most common problem for women as they age is that their skin begins to sag. Wrinkles appear on the face. Eyelids begin to droop This is the indicator of your age that you are no longer young. Therefore, 3D eyebrow painting that is designed to suit your facial shape will help your overall face look younger.

3D eyebrow painting

For designing 3D eyebrows for elderly people To help the face look younger. It must be designed by someone who has good knowledge and expertise in facial muscles. This is because most problems arise from sagging skin on the face, such as wrinkles on the forehead muscles from regular muscle movement that become permanent wrinkles. or eyebrows that appear droopy due to sagging skin, etc. These problems affect the 3D eyebrow design. In addition, if the customer has had 3D eyebrow surgery previously for a long time There may also be a problem with eyebrow color. Therefore, it must be corrected before a new 3D eyebrow can be made.

At Adena, we use two experts to design and create 3D eyebrows. Our Professional Duo is the medical team. Work with designers who have been trained in designing all types of eyebrows for all ages and have experience in various types of eyebrows. It starts by considering the customer's problem: what type of facial sagging is there? And must be corrected by making eyebrows in a certain shape that will help the face look younger. Every step must be carefully considered. Because you have to notice the movements of the muscles on the customer's face as well. including designs that require meticulousness Responds to the shape of the face perfectly. To get 3D eyebrow results that help the face look brighter, noticeably younger and naturally.

As for the specialized medical team working with the designers In addition to helping to consider the issue of sagging. It also helps take care of customers' health. In cases where the customer has an underlying disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or dizziness, etc., the doctor will take a special look while painting the eyebrows. This is to ensure that throughout the period of eyebrow painting there will be no impact on the customer's health in the slightest. In addition, after the eyebrow painting there is continuous care after the 3D eyebrow painting is complete. This is because older people have problems with thinner and dryer skin. Therefore, we have special refills for customers. So that customers can be confident that the 3D eyebrow painting will be perfect. Get the most satisfactory results.

For any customers who are interested in3D eyebrow paintingThat will noticeably reduce your youthfulness immediately. You can always come in and consult with Adena's experts.

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