3D eyebrow painting helps create the right facial frame clearly.

3D eyebrow painting helps create the right facial frame clearly.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

In the past, we often heard the word V-Shape face, but recently, most people tend to talk more about the word "face frame". These words are words that refer to a slender, beautiful, clear, outstanding facial structure that makes girls. Any other Many people are born to follow And I began to see my cheeks and double chin as things that were more irritating than ever before. Until finally looking for a way to help adjust the shape of your face for yourself. which adjusts the shape of this page This can be done in several ways. Since serious surgery Down to medical innovations such as Botox, thread lifts, fillers, mesofat, lasers, etc. But before correcting and adjusting the face, You should also understand what the real cause of the problem is?

What are the causes of facial shape problems?

If you want to adjust it to be slimmer and beautiful. The medical profession will initially analyze whether What is the cause of the problem of a face shape that is not as slender as you want? Which can be divided into 2 main types: caused by an abnormal facial structure Or it is caused by sagging skin, a lot of fat, and does not look firm. For these 2 causes, different methods are used to fix it. If it is an abnormal feature of the facial structure, surgery may be used to help. Whatever form it takes will depend on the doctor's consideration. But if it is caused by a skin problem Doctors may consider using other forms of medical technology to help.

However, regarding face shape, face frame, V-shaped face, or having a clearly slender facial structure, If it is not a serious problem that needs to be resolved by this method. There are still many ways that can help make the facial structure look clear and beautiful, such as massage to tighten the facial skin. skin care Or even 3D eyebrow painting can help make the facial structure look beautiful and appropriate.

3D eyebrow painting, see results from the first time Both help correct the facial structure and promote the beauty of the face.

Many people may never know that3D eyebrow painting Can help with facial structure or face shape to look clear. can be more beautiful Because of the 3D eyebrow painting at Adina We use the principles of combining both science and art in designing eyebrow shapes. It is calculated from the Golden Ratio facial structure to analyze the most suitable eyebrow shape. Ready to use the art of realistic 3D painting. Apply lines that dissolve according to the natural growth of your eyebrows. This results in eyebrows that are in line with the facial structure. Helps promote the beauty of the overall view of the face that looks natural. Perfectly consistent And it's not just promoting it. In the event that the customer has a problem with their face shape No matter the style, the Profesional Duo team will consider a design that will improve your facial shape with our exquisite eyebrow work. If you can easily see the picture. Because eyebrows are the crown of the face. If today the crown you wear is distorted Then adjust the crown to the right angle. You will look at people's faces. That's comfortable for the eyes. Because every perspective looks perfect.

3D eyebrow painting
3D eyebrow painting

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

3D eyebrow painting

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

And for people who have had their faces altered in any form. 3D eyebrow painting will help enhance the beauty of the face even more. Because the eyebrows are designed according to the angle of your face. Therefore, it helps to adjust the perspective of the face to be consistent and perfect in every aspect. And if you have your face altered later, don't worry, because good 3D eyebrows will definitely not affect the view of your face. It will also help you maintain your beauty perspective at all times.

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