Recommendations when receiving 3D eyebrow painting services with Adena

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Adena Clinic has a desire to meet the convenience of our customers by taking into account the benefits and satisfaction of every customer. As a thank you for continuing to trust us to take care of the beauty of your eyebrows for everyone. Including in order to create the highest quality eyebrow work.

This is to create understanding for both existing customers who have already had their eyebrows painted with us. and new customers who are interested in 3D eyebrow painting, we therefore have advice about eyebrow painting with Adena so that every customer will be impressed every time they come to use the service at Adena Clinic.

Advice when coming to paint 3D eyebrows with Adina

For many customers who may have questions about the method.3D eyebrow paintingwith Adina, what is a free eyebrow filler? Eyebrow filling for a fee or even the Renew package that many customers are still hesitating about how much value it will provide. This time, the Adina team So I come to offer advice. When every customer comes to paint their eyebrows with us. Where does the path for eternally beautiful eyebrows in the style of Adena Clinic begin?

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

1. 3D eyebrow painting

3D eyebrow painting at Adena Clinic is a creation of eyebrow work from experts in both science and art in designing beautiful eyebrow shapes that are suitable for each person's face. Until painting the eyebrows one by one until they look like real eyebrows and are as natural as possible.

2. Eyebrow filling and detailing (free) 1 time

After completing my first 3D eyebrow painting with Adina Customers can reserve the queue to come in to have their eyebrows filled in to collect details for free 1 time within a period of 1-2 months, but not more than 6 months from the date of the first eyebrow painting.

3. Eyebrow filling for a fee

After approximately 1 year of 3D eyebrow painting has passed, if you notice that the outlines or lines of the eyebrows appear faded. Customers can reserve the queue for paid eyebrow filling at a discounted price of 50% from the current price.

4.Renew (3D eyebrow painting)

After 3D eyebrow painting has taken place in approximately 2-3 years, when the eyebrows have faded until no outline or lines are visible. All customers can come back to paint their 3D eyebrows again in the Renew package. They will receive a discount of 20% from the current eyebrow painting price and receive many freebies and special privileges.

Therefore, when customers come back to paint their 3D eyebrows again in the Renew package, it means they will receive a discount and special privileges for 1 free eyebrow filling and detailing session and the right to have paid eyebrow filling at a special price. 1 time, just like coming in to paint your eyebrows for the first time. And after another 2 - 3 years have passed, the eyebrows have faded to the point where they can be redone. Customers can come back to paint their eyebrows with Adena again. Still receiving the same benefits of the Renew package, similar to a cycle of eternal beauty of eyebrow shape.

  1. Customers who have 3D eyebrow painting with both Adenaa Team and Senior Team will receive a discount of 20% (when paying with cash) or 10% (when paying with credit card) for their next 3D eyebrow painting (Renew).
  2. Special privileges for 1 free laser skin conditioning service, valued at 5,000 baht.
  3. Special privilege of free eyebrow filling and detailing once within 6 months after the first eyebrow procedure.
  4. Special discount for 1-time paid eyebrow filler at a discount price of 50% from the current price.

Finally, Adena would like to thank all customers. who always provide good support We remain committed to offering the best service for our customers. To give customers the most beautiful eyebrows We are ready to take care of you and provide advice and consultation to your children regularly. To meet the needs of all customers to receive the best.

As for any girls who are interested? If you want to try consulting and asking for advice, you can go and ask for more information at.. or yes

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