Eyebrows are out of trend and the color is distorted. They can be fixed at Adenaa.

Eyebrows are out of trend and the color is distorted. They can be fixed at Adenaa.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Many people have had their eyebrows painted since they were girls. When the era changed Eyebrows that used to be trendy are now out of fashion. In addition to the shape, they look ruined. The color is still starting to look distorted. It turns into slender green eyebrows that make you look older. No matter how much I tried to put on makeup, it didn't look any better. Even if it's fixed, it can't be fixed. But! At Adenaa, we can fix it! With experience in taking care of more than 20,000 cases, we have encountered all types.

Case's eyebrows are too dark.

Used to make the eyebrow tone lighter. By waiting for the eyebrows to fade Then paint over it with the desired color. The color also looks lighter than the original eyebrows. But the new eyebrows still look dull. It's not natural anyway. Or some people may have used a milk-based solution to fade their eyebrows as the technician recommended. It's true that you can paint new eyebrows. But the color is very light because the paint doesn't stick well.

The case is not beautiful.

Some people have old eyebrows and unattractive tails. The tails droop and make the eyes look sad. Plus the tail is too long. make you look older It's true that when it's repainted, it's in a beautiful shape. But he has two eyebrows. Because I can't delete all the old stuff. While some people choose the thin, arched eyebrow style that was trendy at one time. But when the old style stops being popular, a new style will be painted. Adjust them to be less arched, like Korean girls' eyebrows. But the new eyebrows that I got are very big. Plus, the color is darker because you have to paint over the original eyebrows. No matter how you do it, it doesn't look natural.

Eyebrow cases in many colors, including red, orange, purple, green, and blue.

Some people have even altered the color tone and painted over it with a color that is darker than the color that best suits their skin tone. Your actual hair and eye color because you have to disguise the distorted tone of your original eyebrows. Even though the style that came out was beautiful And the color is too dark and makes the face look fierce and unnatural. Loss of personality While some people choose to clear away their multi-colored eyebrows by using a tattoo removal laser. Even if it's effective, it's true. But the eyebrow hairs also fell out. It becomes more and more a loss of self-worth.

Therefore, we are committed to studying and developing techniques. and search for technology that will help fix all types of damaged eyebrows as best as possible. In the case of correction at Adenaa, we will use lasers that control the energy appropriately by experts from Adenaa X Sinota To remove eyebrows by clearing only the paint color. Doesn't make eyebrow hair fall. It does not cause the skin to become bruised, flaky, or scabby. There is no problem with raised scars or making the painted surface difficult to apply.

Eyebrows are out of trend and the color is distorted. They can be fixed at Adenaa.

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

When the old eyebrows have been cleared The Professional Duo team of experts will then begin painting a new pair of eyebrows for you. So you can be confident that your problems will end with us. And you will be able to have beautiful eyebrows. Boost your confidence in every dimension again. Fix it to be beautiful. Fix it until it's finished. Must fix it at Adenaa only!

Eyebrows are out of trend and the color is distorted. They can be fixed at Adenaa.
Eyebrows are out of trend and the color is distorted. They can be fixed at Adenaa.

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