3D Eyebrow Tattoo: Be mindful before making a decision.

3D Eyebrow Tattoo: Be mindful before making a decision.
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As you know, "eyebrows" are the crown of the face that can determine the beauty of a woman's face. Therefore, it is not strange that girls Nowadays, people want to have beautiful, perfect eyebrows. One solution for girls these days is "Three-dimensional eyebrows"

Teacher A As the founder of Adena specialized beauty clinic who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, talks about the eyebrow trend that has become popular among girls in the past 2-3 years, saying that the Korean eyebrow shape (straight shape) must be given, which if asked, is suitable for every face shape. The answer is "no" unless you are a girl with a long face like Aum-Patcharapa Chaichua. This one is suitable.

Because straight eyebrows will help divide a face that looks long into sections, helping to conceal the eyes. But if the face is too long and green, arched eyebrows Might look like a witch While a girl with a round face like Mam-Suriwipa Kultangwattana went to draw her eyebrows in Korean style. Your face will look rounder. Therefore, you should draw arched eyebrows. To increase the area from the eyebrows to the chin to make it look longer.

“Eyebrow drawing is like putting on clothes. Larger people should choose dark colored clothing with straps to make the body appear divided. Disguise weak points But if you are a thin person May wear close-fitting clothing to make it look meaty.”

For making three-dimensional eyebrows Professor A sees it as helping the girls. Make it easier to have a framework for drawing beautiful eyebrows. Thai women's problems with 3D eyebrow surgery are different now than in the past. In the past, customers had problems with thin eyebrows. But right now, the problem is that most of the time, it's done and it's not beautiful. It has to be fixed because, as you know, eyebrows play an important role in the face. Some people have round faces. Go get straight eyebrows. Let the tail of your eyebrows droop a little to look like a sad face in Korean style. But when I don't accept it with my face Going to daily life is a problem. No matter what he did, his expression always looked sad, like he was crying.

As someone who has been in the industry for a long time I have some advice for girls. Who wants to make three-dimensional eyebrows? The first step is to choose the eyebrow color. You have to know your own style. If you are a confident girl who already wears dark makeup. Choose a dark color. But if you're still not sure Choose the middle path. Make your eyebrows light colored first. in order to leave a way to move forward or can go backwards The advantage of dark eyebrows is that they peel off slowly and last longer than light ones.

3D Eyebrow Tattoo: Be mindful before making a decision.

The important thing is to choose a shop with a simple trick: if any shop shows eyebrows done on one side, don't choose this shop. Because it is possible that He couldn't make two eyebrows look the same. At least the shop that will give you confidence in the beginning is You must show your work on both sides of your three-dimensional eyebrows. Second is talking with the technician. Don't put all your hope in the technician. Choose the type that suits us. But don't be too bossy. It's a good idea for the first time you meet a technician. It should be assumed that “Are you likely to listen to our opinions?” If you don't listen, Try taking a step back and setting yourself up first.

Adenaa in the newspaper “Post Today” dated December 16, 2015

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