There are so many names it's dizzying. What kind of eyebrows should I do?

There are so many names it's dizzying. What kind of eyebrows should I do? Magazine
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Hello, just a moment. We've talked about eyebrows up to Issue 5, but having said that, Professor A still has many things that he would like to share with readers. This issue is an issue that many people are wondering about. We ask each other almost all the time. Why are there so many names for eyebrows? Extremely creative, magnificent palace It's hard to remember each other. So what kind of eyebrows should we choose? Today there is an answer.

Eyebrow shaping is an art form that has many variations. Including slide eyebrows, 3D eyebrows, 6D eyebrows, spray dots, color implants, nano eyebrows, etc., which even the teacher himself can't remember them all. Because these names are all about making a difference when marketing to customers that it's a new fashion, the latest trend, but actually it only has 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions. For example, 2 dimensions is just width x length. For eyebrows, it's... Filling in the gaps with opaque color will make the image flat. Apply a lot of color or get a lot of tattoos and it will become a permanent eyebrow. But if the technician puts less weight on his hand, it becomes a sliding eyebrow, color implant, or Soft Stroke color gradient technique, whatever. It is similar to poster paint and watercolor. The mood of the picture is different for each person.

As for 3D eyebrow tattooing, or sometimes it's over-claimed to be 6D, it's really the same, meaning it's just width x length x height (or x depth). Our eyebrows are the real 3D parts that stick out. comes from the skin The designer's job is to create shadows for the eyebrows to make them look dimensional and have depth. When the shadows move back and forth under the eyebrows So it makes me feel like my eyebrows have more than before.

2D eyebrows
3D eyebrows

Anyway, we've been talking about 6 dimensions, so I'd like to ask for a change in understanding. (It's not an attitude adjustment, J) that is incorrect about 6D eyebrows. Because the first time I heard this, I was completely confused. I can't imagine that. How is that possible? Because by nature Our eyes can only see objects in 3 dimensions. If this miracle were real, We've probably seen 6D televisions all over the place for sale. In the future, if someone comes to convince us and sell us powerful products. So that you won't be confused or lost in following him again.

Regardless of what the name of the eyebrow is called We should prioritize the finished outcome above all else. Because no matter what brush the painter uses, It's not as important as the skill of drawing. For this reason, knowledge of Anatomy (anatomy), light and shadow, holistic beauty. Therefore it is very necessary. So that each person's eyebrows come out beautiful and look as natural as possible. See you again in the next issue. Oh! It's the last edition.

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