Remove eyebrow tattoos with laser

Remove eyebrow tattoos with laser
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.
eyebrow tattoo removal

Picture before deletion and afterRemove eyebrow tattoos with laser

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.
Khun A Kusaya Hamkhampai 3D eyebrow painting with ADENAA CLINIC 
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Correct and remove eyebrow tattoos with laser It should be done by a medical professional.

Three-dimensional eyebrow removal video lesson
*Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

3D eyebrow painting or 3D eyebrow tattooing has been a popular beauty science for a long time and has become widely popular in the past 3-5 years due to the trend of 3D eyebrow painting or 3D eyebrow tattooing. Dimensions are becoming more popular and can be considered top notch. In terms of beauty enhancement that girls Everyone is interested and when 3D eyebrow painting or 3D eyebrow tattooing becomes highly popular. It is normal that there is often correction or removal of eyebrow tattoos along with it. But how many people will know that?

“Correcting and removing eyebrow tattoos with a good laser requires principles. Otherwise, your eyebrows may never grow again for the rest of your life!!”

Remove eyebrow tattoos with laser

The picture shows an example of using a laser machine to remove eyebrow tattoos.

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Correcting or removing eyebrow tattoos There are many ways to fix or remove tattoos, but nowadays Eyebrow tattoo removal with laser is very popular. Because it is a simple and convenient method for users. Eyebrow tattoo removal has evolved over time. Follow the trend of changes in medical technology that are increasing. which in the beginning before talking about Remove eyebrow tattoos with laser Let's go back to removing eyebrow tattoos. with other methods first, in order to relieve doubts about why eyebrow tattoos need to be removed with laser.

eyebrow tattoo removal

Pictures before and after eyebrow tattoo removal with laser.

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

There are 3 methods for correcting or removing eyebrow tattoos:

1. Removing eyebrow tattoos with chemical solution

How to remove eyebrow tattoos Currently, chemical solution is not popular because it is a method that has a very high risk if the chemical solution gets into the eyes. and cannot actually be used to delete This is because the pigment from tattooing accumulates in the dermis. If the solution is highly acidic, it may erode the skin to the dermis. and will cause various problems following skin injury Therefore, it is not popular in medicine. This method of removing chemicals is mostly available at beauty salons. Or a doctor and an eyebrow tattoo shop that is not up to standard. There are 2 types of chemical solution used to remove eyebrow tattoos:

eyebrow tattoo removal

Pictures before and after eyebrow tattoo removal with laser.

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

1.1 Mild chemical solution

Mild chemical solution It is an extract obtained from plants, herbs, or fruits, which has acidic properties that can corrode the skin around the eyebrow area.

1.2 Strong chemical solution

Strong chemical solution or acid, which is a substance that is sensitive to the skin. When using acid to remove a tattoo, it may cause the skin in the area to burn because of the strong power of the acid and may be harmful to the eyes.

2. Removing eyebrow tattoos by means of tattooing with flesh-colored tattoos or covering them up.

Removing eyebrow tattoos with skin color tattoos or cover-up tattoos using colors that are similar to our skin tone. This method of tattooing skin color or covering it up usually occurs in 2 cases as follows:

2.1 Case 1. Removing an eyebrow tattoo by tattooing color on it or tattooing it on. While performing the tattoo

It is a tattoo with color over it or a color to hide the mistake such as Tattooed beyond what was originally drawn or tattooed incorrectly.

2.2 Case 2. Removing eyebrow tattoos by tattooing color over them or tattooing them with color. To cover up the original tattoo

It is a tattoo of flesh color or cover-up tattoo to cover up the original tattoo or original tattoo color that is difficult to remove. If you use unrealistic colors to cover up or cover up the tattoo, It will make the color strange. and the covered-up tattoo is thicker and not smooth. In this way, service providers and service recipients Not considering problems or things that will happen in the future This is solving problems at the root cause or superficially, resulting in more disadvantages than advantages.

Remove eyebrow tattoos with laser

The picture shows an example of eyebrow tattoo removal using a flesh-colored tattoo overlay method. or tattoo to hide mistakes

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

3.Tattoo removal by laser method

Removing eyebrow tattoos with laser This method is very popular nowadays because it is painless and convenient for users. But you should choose to use the service with a shop or institution that provides eyebrow tattoo removal services with laser by a doctor.

From the above information is How to remove eyebrow tattoos using different methods However, choosing a method for removing tattoos depends on It is up to each service location to choose which method to provide service to customers. At Adena, we chose the method of removing eyebrow tattoos with a laser. We have come to provide services for the convenience of our customers at Adena. Other factors are also taken into account, including safety and the condition of the skin after the tattoo is removed. which is why Adena Dividing the area of tattoo removal services specifically to provide consultation and service for those who wish to directly correct or remove eyebrow tattoos.

Three-dimensional eyebrow removal video lesson

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

What reasons should you choose to use laser eyebrow tattoo removal services at Adena?

1. There is an expert doctor providing the service.

Eyebrow tattoo removal by a doctor The treating doctor must be a doctor who has knowledge and understanding of the different skin conditions of each customer. This is because the customer's skin condition affects the tattoo removal analysis or planning.

2. Has more than 20 years of experience in 3D eyebrow painting.

As a result, a large number of customers come to receive eyebrow tattoo correction and removal services at Adena when encountering customers who have problems with many eyebrow tattoos. Naturally, he has experience in the field of eyebrows. and superior eyebrow tattoo removal

3. Have expertise and expertise in eyebrow hairs and various elements of hairs.

Always keeping in mind that After the customer uses the serviceEyebrow tattoo removed Eyebrow hairs must be able to grow back normally. Due to eyebrow tattoo removal The doctor must always consider that whenever the client does not continue with the eyebrow tattooing. The original eyebrow hairs can still grow naturally, which is different from removing tattoos in other areas. You don't have to consider the hair at all. Or different from hair removal where we want the hair in the secret area to disappear. which at Adena Give great importance to this matter. Because if the customer's eyebrows cannot grow back like before It may cause you to lose confidence altogether.

Remove eyebrow tattoos with laser

Preview image If you had no eyebrows today or your eyebrows couldn't grow normally, what would your face look like?

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

4. Have a heart for service

In addition to ethics, what is special and above all that Adina's doctors I never overlooked it. is responsible and attentive Taking into account the condition of the customer's skin after tattoo removal is important. Doctors at Adena The skin after tattoo removal will be taken into account. Once the tattoo is removed, the skin must be smooth and perfect and you can continue painting or tattooing your eyebrows as usual. This is very important. Because if you forget to think about the consequencesAfter removing the tattoo, the skin may become fibrous. Until I couldn't draw my eyebrows or tattoo them anymore.

5. There is a straightforward treatment plan.

To provide customers with the best in standards and safe services. Before treatment, the doctor will provide information to the client and explain. The steps and methods of treatment as well as the duration of treatment are given so that customers can plan their plans in advance.

6. Always have standards in terms of cleanliness and readiness and stability in providing services.

In addition to the services and expertise of doctors At Adena, we also emphasize cleanliness with Hygiene because the cleanliness of the place, equipment, and even employees have an effect on the treatment.

Remove eyebrow tattoos with laser

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Khun Ple Paradee Wongsawat removes original eyebrow tattoo and paints eyebrows with ADENAA CLINIC. Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Why must it be safe to remove eyebrow tattoos with laser by a doctor?

Removing eyebrow tattoos with laser is different from removing other tattoos. Therefore, in addition to considering the price, it is an important thing that you should be very aware of. is a matter of safety Most of the time, customers do not know the information and details or problems associated with tattoo removal.

Removing an eyebrow tattoo with a laser without knowledge and expertise may result in the skin condition being incomplete after the eyebrow tattoo is removed. Therefore, in order for a pair of beautiful eyebrows to remain on our face for a long time, we should be aware and give importance to choosing a place where services will be provided by an expert doctor who will be able to relieve many safety concerns as follows.

1. The doctor must analyze the client's skin condition before removing the tattoo because Different customer skin conditions affect the determination of the laser light's energy value. Because the skin around the eyebrows is thinner than other areas. As a result, when removing eyebrow tattoos with laser Special caution must be used because the skin may burn (dark spots and red spots depending on each person's skin condition).

2. The doctor must plan and process the treatment because of the tattoo colors used and the tattoo method the customer received. Affects the number of treatments This is because the intensity of the color near the skin also affects the energy determination. This is a very important detail, but many people tend to overlook it because they just hope that the tattoo will be removed and the color will disappear. But forget to look at the intensity or weakness of the laser light that hits the skin area. which causes the skin to be damaged

3. The doctor must evaluate the skin condition after tattoo removal to ensure it is in perfect condition. This is due to laser removal without knowledge and expertise. The skin condition in the area where the tattoo was removed may be fibrosis. This makes it impossible to draw eyebrows or tattoo them again. This is why tattoo removal should be done by a doctor.

4. A doctor is a person who has knowledge in Anatomy or the body. The eyebrows are the area near the eyes. The skin in this area is not only sensitive. Still near various nerves such as the retina etc.

Remove eyebrow tattoos with laser

The picture shows a sample Before &; After

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

For the reasons mentioned above, customers choose to trust Adina. Take care of eyebrow tattoo removal with laser

Preparation before removing eyebrow tattoos with laser

After studying the details and information well to various reasons To remove eyebrow tattoos with laser Before removing a tattoo, we should prepare as follows.

1. Do not pluck your eyebrows or wax your eyebrows for at least 3 days because the skin around your eyebrows should be healthy before laser tattoo removal.

2. You should leave at least 4 weeks after getting your eyebrow tattoo done to allow the skin wound in the previously tattooed area to heal well and the tattooed eyebrows to peel off.

3. Do not apply foundation, sunscreen, or make-up on the eyebrow area on the day of eyebrow tattoo removal so that the doctor can easily assess your skin condition.

4. For those who have wounds around the eyebrow area Should you wait for the wound to heal or consult a doctor for tattoo removal?

5. Refrain from drinking alcohol before tattoo removal. Due to the power of alcohol, it may result in abnormal skin conditions such as Having a sore or sore throat because of the influence of alcohol

6. For those who are sensitive, you should inform the doctor first for consultation and analysis in order to plan a treatment.

7. Refrain from taking medicines or vitamins. That accelerates the dissolution of blood clots for at least 1 week.

Self-care after laser eyebrow tattoo removal

1. Apply a cold compress after removing the tattoo to make the swelling and redness disappear faster.

2. After doing laser eyebrow tattoo removal on the first day, it should not be exposed to water, but you can use saline to gently wipe it clean.

3. You should refrain from drawing your eyebrows. Or trim your eyebrows in the area where the mark was removed for at least 3 days or until the redness improves. (Depending on each customer's skin condition)

4. You should refrain from applying creams that contain ingredients that help exfoliate skin cells, including whitening, for about 1 week.

5. You should refrain from scrubbing the area where the eyebrow tattoo was removed for about 1 week.

6. Avoid showing after laser for at least 1 week.

7. Come to the doctor's appointments regularly so that the treatment results are as planned by the doctor.

eyebrow tattoo removal

Pictures before and after eyebrow tattoo removal with laser.

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Removing eyebrow tattoos with laser How many times should you do it to see results?

Eyebrow tattoo removal with laser is different for each customer. This is because the doctor must understand the real problem and the nature of the color used. The method of tattooing is the main thing, and these factors affect the total number of times. In general, safe and appropriate eyebrow tattoo removal will require approximately 5-7 times, but some customers may need to remove more than 7 times. There are quite a lot of them due to the following factors:

1. Quality of the color used for eyebrow tattooing

Color used for eyebrow tattooing Nowadays, there are many sources, such as paints that meet safety standards from European countries. which is accepted around the world in terms of safety And there are shades that are suitable for eyebrow tattooing. As for the non-standard eyebrow tattoo color, it comes from China. Or some shops use local paints. that may be contaminated in production This results in problems in terms of safety. and the number of times to delete as well

2. Different methods of tattooing

Different tattoo methods are another important factor that affects the number of tattoo removal times, such as deep tattoos, shallow tattoos. If the tattoo is deep, a lot of the color will stick to the skin, which will take a long time to remove the tattoo. Like we used to see our mothers or grandmothers get their eyebrows tattooed. Even though time has passed Even after 20-30 years, the color is still firmly embedded.

3. Different tones used in eyebrow tattooing.

Many people may not realize how effective the color tone is when it's the same color. But in medical technology The color tone used for eyebrow tattooing affects the healing of the tattoo. This is because some colors affect the use of laser treatment, such as flesh color and cream color because they are colors that are very similar to human skin. This has the same effect on how long it takes to remove an eyebrow tattoo.

4.Tattooing to correct the eyebrow shape or tattoo color

Correction of tattooing to change the shape of the eyebrows or covering up the previously tattooed color to change the color. This makes the color thicker, which results in it taking longer than usual to remove the tattoo. Because the colors overlap in thick layers over each other in the same spot for a long time.

Pros and cons of removing eyebrow tattoos with laser

Either method of eyebrow tattoo removal has its pros and cons. Therefore, before deciding to get your eyebrows tattooed or painted. You should study and understand it well to get the results that are most suitable for you. Removing eyebrow tattoos with laser has both good and bad results as follows:



2. Less dangerous than removing eyebrow tattoos by other methods.

3. Wounds heal faster than tattoo removal using other methods.

4. Can effectively remove pigment. more than other methods This is considered an important point or highlight of eyebrow tattoo removal with laser. Because it is considered a solution that matches the cause.


1. High price

2. Tattoos should be treated by an expert doctor for safety, which may require careful and in-depth study of the information.

3. How long does it take depending on the tattoo style and the color of the previous tattoo?

From the above information, it should be enough to make many people People have more knowledge and understanding about eyebrow tattoo removal with laser. However, If you choose a tattoo shop or 3D eyebrow painting shop that is good and has standards from the beginning. It may not be necessary to remove the tattoo at all.

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