Planning for eyebrow tattooing and eyebrow painting in 2017 Magazine

Planning for eyebrow tattooing and eyebrow painting in 2017 Magazine
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

New year… new eyebrows… new you…

Hello, we're entering the last month of the year. Have you started thinking and planning yet? The New Year is getting closer and closer. We will change or do something new. Give it to yourself. Some people are already preparing new clothes, faces, and hair styles. Some people plan to have plastic surgery. Or get your eyebrows done during this time? To be beautiful like a new person again, welcome next year.

As has been said in past editions, 3D eyebrow painting is a job that requires care and meticulousness. You must give enough time to planning and taking action. In order for the work to come out well and be satisfactory to both parties, especially if it's a famous clinic or beauty salon, this month the queue will be very tight. If you're thinking of doing it, you need to find information and make a reservation in advance. Because of what Teacher A has encountered It's said that we could hardly find the shop in time. Even queuing up until 2 a.m., but no matter what, you have to make the customers understand. that eyebrow painting is an art that requires skill It can't be done in a hurry. Especially if the queue is constantly crowded. People who do it themselves must have time to rest. It's not just that it's done. But the resolution of the work has decreased. This is really unacceptable!

And what must not be forgotten is after the eyebrows have been painted. You'll have to wait another 8-10 days for the scab to flake (depending on your skin condition). During this time, your eyebrows will look quite dark. And medicine that is applied to heal wounds will make it look oily. It's like applying lipstick to your eyebrows. Most importantly, you should avoid swimming, going to the beach, or being exposed to strong sunlight. Therefore, you need to check first to see if these things will derail your New Year's plans or not.

Warning for some people who may encounter some places. who received a technician's appointment and encountered the question, “Do you want to tattoo your eyes too? Just continue tattooing your mouth, and we'll put in the anesthetic at the same time. Just finish it!” Stop STOP! It's completely against the principles of beauty theory. Because beauty is balance. Must be beautiful and in harmony with the whole face. Know which parts should be prominent. Which part should be followed? It's not complete. Do everything. Every part of it stands out. When finished, it appeared that it was someone who I don't know???

Do you believe it? Only after New Year or after Songkran It's called a different movie. I've only encountered a lot of eyebrow removal cases. It's like a tradition of erasing eyebrows. One last word before we meet again in the new year 2017. For good eyebrow painting, we must first find information about whether the work there is suitable for us or not. People with lots of eyebrows may be beautiful. But what if our eyebrows are thin? After doing it, will it be beautiful like them? Test the design to see the overall picture. Then ask yourself first. If it's really not in time You have to be calm because those pair of eyebrows will be with you for a long time. If you hurry, think only about how beautiful they will be in time for New Year's Day. You may get stress instead!

Happy New Year, smile and welcome everyone.

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