Eyebrow Tattoo Removal with Laser

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal with Laser

Results vary according to individual skin condition.

Permanent Eyebrow (Make-up/Tattoo) Removal with Laser



Permanent eyebrow correction or removal should be performed by expert doctors.


The 3D eyebrow paint or tattoo is a beauty science that has long been favored and become widespread during the past 3-5 years owing to its increasing trend as being among the top of all beautification procedures concerned over by most women. And as it is very much in the mainstream, its correction or removal is concurrently in demand. Still, how many people would know that …



“proper permanent eyebrow correction and removal must be carried out on principles, otherwise your brows will never grow back again?”



Eyebrow Tattoo Removal with Laser

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal with Laser

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



There are several methods to correct or remove the permanent eyebrow tattoo, but nowadays the laser treatment is highly preferred because of its simplicity and convenience to customers. Again, permanent eyebrow removal has been improved along with the course of increasing medical technologies. Initially, before getting to the matter of the laser removal, let’s review some other methods in order to clear all the doubts as to why the laser method is preferable.



Permanent eyebrow correction or removal can be done in the 3 following ways:


1. Chemical removal


This method for permanent eyebrow removal is no longer in favor due to its high risk of chemicals getting in to the eye and because it does not actually work as the tattooed pigment is in fact stored in the dermis which can be corroded with high acidity of the chemicals used and lead to other problems following the skin injury. Therefore, it is not medically preferred. However, chemical removal of permanent eyebrow make-up or tattoo is mostly serviced in beauty salons or by phony doctors and non-standard eyebrow tattoo service places. The chemicals used for eyebrow tattoo removal are the following 2 types:



1.1 Light chemicals


Light chemicals are fruit or herb extracts with acid medium to corrode the eyebrow-area skin.



1.2 Strong chemicals


Strong chemicals or acids are usually skin-sensitive substances. Removing the eyebrow tattoo with acid may cause burning on such area due to strong acidity and it may also be hazardous to the eye.



2 Skin-colored cover-up tattoos


Permanent eyebrow removal with the skin-colored cover-up tattoo method uses an ink with the color similar to our skin. This method is applied in the following 2 cases:


2.1 Case 1:  Cover-up during the tattooing process


This is to conceal an error made in the process, such as over-tattooing or missed tattooing.



2.2 Case 2:  Post-tattoo cover-up


This method uses the skin-colored ink to cover up the existing tattoo that is hard to remove. If an unmatched skin color is used, then it will result in a strange look. Plus, the covered-up tattoo causes thickness and non-uniformity to the skin. For this method, the service persons and customers usually do not think over possible consequences to come. Thus, it is a wrong or sloppy way of solving the problem, with more shortcomings than advantages.



Eyebrow Tattoo Removal with Laser

Illustration of skin-colored tattoos applied for permanent eyebrow covering

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



3. Permanent eyebrow tattoo removal with laser


This is a currently popular method of removing permanent eyebrow make-up or tattoo as it is painless and convenient to customers; however, the service should be given in a reliable establishment and by doctors.



Different ways of permanent eyebrow tattoo removal are presented with the aforementioned information; in any case, it depends on each service place as to which method to choose for their customers. At ADENAA, we have chosen the laser treatment to remove the permanent eyebrow tattoo not only for reason of customers’ convenience, but we also consider other factors such as safety as well as skin condition after the service. Consequently, ADENAA has allocated a specific area to provide the direct service of tattoo removal and consultation to customers.



Video showing an undesired result of permanent eyebrow tattoo removal

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Reasons to choose the service of permanent eyebrow tattoo removal with laser at ADENAA


1. The service is performed by expert doctors as the permanent eyebrow tattoo removal requires knowledge and understanding in terms of variation to individual skin conditions, which will determine an analysis or plan for tattoo removal.



2. We have an over 20-year experience in 3D eyebrow painting, resulting in a great deal of customers coming to ADENAA for the service of permanent eyebrow correction and removal. Having faced various kinds of problems in eyebrow tattoos, our experience in this matter is therefore superior.



3. We have skills and expertise in eyebrows and hair compositions. We always take into account that after the service, customers’ eyebrows must be able to grow back normally. As for permanent eyebrow tattoo removal, performing doctors must always consider that once customers stop having eyebrow tattooed, original eyebrow hair must continue to grow naturally. This is different from tattoo removal on other areas, which does not concern about hair at all; or different from other type of hair removal where we want to get rid of the hair in the private area. At ADENAA, we place great importance on this matter because if customers’ eyebrows cannot grow back as they did before, it may quite lead to loss of confidence.



Eyebrow Tattoo Removal with Laser

Illustration of what you would look like without eyebrows growing back on the face.

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



4. We are service-minded; and beyond our medical ethics, what makes us special and superior, which is never overlooked by the doctors at ADENAA, is the responsibility and attention for customers, as well as prioritized consideration of the customers’ skin after tattoo removal. Once the tattoo removal is done, the skin must remain smooth, healthy, and all set for next painting or tattooing. This point is very important because without an awareness of possible outcomes, after tattoo removal, fascia may be caused on the skin so much that no eyebrow paint or tattoo can ever be done on it again



5. We plan treatments straightforwardly for customers' utmost benefits, based on standards and safe services. Prior to giving a treatment, doctors will provide information and explanation to customers in regard to the treatment procedures and methods, as well as the treatment duration, so that customers can make an advanced plan.



6. We are standardized in cleanness, with readiness and stability in the service provision. Apart from the services and medical expertise, ADENAA also emphasizes mainly on hygiene because the cleanness of the place, devices and workers does all have an effect on the given treatment.



Why is it only safe for the laser treatment to be performed by doctors?


To remove permanent eyebrow tattoo with laser differs from other types of tattoo removal. Therefore, besides consideration of the cost involved, safety is of utmost importance. In most cases elsewhere, customers are not informed on details and problems concerning eyebrow tattoo removal.



Removing permanent eyebrow tattoo with laser by lack of knowledge and expertise may afterwards cause the skin condition to be flawed. So, for a pretty pair of eyebrows to remain on our face for as long as possible, we should underline the choice of place where the service is provided by skilled doctors; then, safety concerns can be reduced in many aspects as follows:


1. It is necessary for doctors to analyze the customers’ skin condition before giving the tattoo removal treatment because the skin difference acts on an assessment of laser energy rating. As the eyebrow skin is more delicate than the other parts, application of the laser treatment on it must be carried out with special precautions owing to the possibility of skin burn (or dark spots and redness depending on individual skin condition).



2. Performing doctors will have to set different plans and procedures as the color and method of tattooing done on each customer has an effect on the number of treatment given; also, the pigment intensity on that skin area can effect on the determination of energy use, which is a very important detail being ignored by many who only want to remove the tattoo and its color without considering the intensity of laser against the skin. That is why the skin is harmed.



3. Performing doctors will have to evaluate the skin condition after tattoo removal in order for it to be in mint condition because without knowledge and expertise on tattoo removal with laser use, the skin condition on the removed tattoo area may turn into fascia on which no eyebrow paint or tattoo can be done again. For this reason, it should only be performed by doctors.



4. Doctors have required knowledge in anatomy; as the eyebrows are closed to the eyes, not only is the skin in such area very delicate, but it also is adjacent to nerves such as optic nerve or retina.



Eyebrow Tattoo Removal with Laser

Example of Before & After

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



For the above-mentioned reasons, customers have given their trust to ADENAA for the service of permanent eyebrow tattoo removal with laser.



Preparation prior to the service


After having studied all the details, information and reasons for the choice of eyebrow tattoo removal with laser, the pre-service preparation is as follows:


1. Trimming, shaving or waxing eyebrows is prohibited for at least 3 days in order for the skin on that area to remain strong before receiving the treatment.



2. After having the eyebrows tattooed, a minimum of 4-week interval is required for the treated skin to be healed and for the tattooed color to be faded.



3. Restrain from foundation, sunscreen or make-up on the eyebrows on the day to receive the service, in order to facilitate the skin evaluation by doctors.



4. For those with a wound on the eyebrow area, it is recommended to wait until it is completely healed or to consult a doctor before receiving the treatment.



5. Restrain from drinking alcohol before receiving the service because its action may cause skin abnormality such as rashes or bruises.



6. For those sensitive to allergies, it should be notified to the doctor before consultation or analysis for treatment planning.



7. Restrain from taking fibrinolysis accelerating drugs or vitamins for at least a week.



Post-treatment self care


1. Cold compression applied after tattoo removal will help to quickly reduce the swelling and redness.



2. On the first day after the treatment, contact with water should be avoided; instead, saline solution can softly be used for skin cleansing.



3. Restrain from drawing or trimming eyebrows on the removed tattoo area for at least 3 days or until the redness improves (depending on individual skin condition).



4. Restrain from applying exfoliant creams of whitening group for about a week.



5. Restrain from scrubbing the eyebrow tatooed skin area for about a week.



6. Avoid sunlight for at least a week after the treatment.



7. Stick to doctor’s appointments for a planned result.



How many treatments to have before the result shows?


Results of permanent eyebrow tattoo removal vary for each customer. It is necessary for the performing doctor to understand the real problem, characteristic of color to be used, and tattooing method mainly; All these factors effect on the number of treatment. In general, for a safe and appropriate treatment of eyebrow tattoo removal it takes approximately 5-7 times; however, in some cases, it may require over 4 times, due to the following factors:



1. Quality of paint used for eyebrow tattooing


There are nowadays several kinds of paint to be used for eyebrow tattooing; for instance, paints with safety standard from European countries, which are accepted worldwide in terms of safety and for having tones suitable for eyebrow tattoo work. Non-standardizes paints are usually from China. Certain service places use domestic paints, which are possible for contamination during the manufacture; this may cause safety problems and have an effect on the number of times to remove the tattoo.



2. Different tattooing methods


The difference in tattooing methods is another crucial factor to effect on the number of times to remove the tattoo; for example, skin deep and shallow tattooing. For skin deep tattooing, a great deal of color pigments is stored within the skin, thus it takes longer to remove the tattoo; just as our mother or grandmother’s eyebrow tattoo, although 20-30 years have passed, the pigment remains deep seated.



3. Different tattooing tones


Many may not realize the difference in the result of tattooing tones as they all look the same; but in medical technology, tattooing tones have an effect on the removal treatment because certain tones impact on the use of laser for treatment as the color is very close to human skin’s. This also bears upon the duration for eyebrow tattoo removal.



4. Cover-up tattooing to correct the eyebrow shape or tattooed color


The correction by cover-up tattooing in order to alter the eyebrow shape or cover-up color as previously done will cause color thickness, which results in a longer period of time to remove the tattoo due to the longtime overlapping of colors in the same spot.



Advantages and disadvantages of permanent eyebrow tattoo removal with laser


Any methods to remove permanent eyebrow tattoo have the pros and cons; therefore, before making a decision on eyebrow paint or tattoo, it is best to study and understand the methods to gain the result most suitable for you. The advantages and disadvantages in this respect are:





1. Convenience.


2. Less harm than other methods.


3. Faster wound healing than other methods.


4. Better efficiency to eliminate color pigments than other methods, which is considered as a distinctive point of this method with laser as the problem is solved at its root.





1. High cost required.


2. The treatment needs to be done by expert doctors for safety reason; it may require a profound study of information.


3. Long duration taken according the previous tattooing methods and colors.



From the above given information, many of you should now have increasing knowledge and understanding about permanent eyebrow tattoo removal with laser; at all events, the initial choice of a good service place for 3D eyebrow paint or tattoo with standards may not lead to its removal at all.


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