Adena expands the market and maintains standards for eyebrow tattoo removal with laser.

eyebrow tattoo removal

Adena expands the market and maintains standards for eyebrow tattoo removal with laser. Because of understanding what customers want Ready to answer your questions with superior service. Under the highest ethics of Teacher A

Professor A said, “At present,eyebrow tattoo removal It is something that you are aware of and give equal importance to.3D eyebrow painting which is considered the main business Because we have seen the problems of customers who come to consult us and are very worried about them.” Whether it is

1. The skin condition around the customer's eyebrows is not suitable for eyebrow painting. Or draw your eyebrows again.

2. Skin condition not suitable for tattoo removal. Because the tattoo is a very thick skin color, so thick that if you erase it, the skin in that area will not be suitable for eyebrow tattooing. Paint your eyebrows or even draw more eyebrows. And it may take longer to heal.

eyebrow tattoo removal

3. Condition of thinning eyebrows And some people have lost eyebrows. Because of being harmed by removing eyebrows in the wrong way

The reason was because of receiving incorrect information. belief because of ignorance In addition to costing time and time More than that, some customers Eyebrows can't grow anymore.

The important thing in removing eyebrow tattoos is an expert doctor. And maintaining service standards, Professor A reiterated many times, “In the beginning, I didn't think about the service of removing eyebrow tattoos for customers. Because personally I am a person who is very serious about eyebrow removal with laser. Because it is considered that the use of a laser machine should be used by a medical professional. Because the eyebrows are very close to the retina, which is also considered a risky point. But because of the customers who come to consult, some cry, some are stressed.The condition of the skin that has already been damaged from the wrong way to remove the eyebrow tattoo.because there was no consultation Plan and carry out treatment by an expert doctor.”

which is an important insulation that makes Teacher A Decided to add more regular doctors to ADENAA and are ready to maintain the same standard of eyebrow tattoo removal services as throughout the past.

Maintaining standards in service

For maintaining service standards which Adina is aware of and continues to focus on even as time passes. More and more customers will be safe. Today it is necessary to expand the market to respond to the growth in eyebrow tattoo correction as follows:

  1. Service provided by medical professionals only.
  2. Use the appropriate tools to delete. 
  3. Always consider the condition of the skin after removal.
  4. Evaluation from the design team (In the case of overlapping or adjusting the shape of the eyebrows)
  5. Maintaining cleanliness regularly Both equipment and team

From over 20 years of experience in 3D eyebrow painting, plus consulting on eyebrow tattoo removal with laser. with a lot of experience and flying hours of the medical team at Adena As a result, more and more customers come to have their eyebrows removed and corrected with Adena every day. Make the doctor at Adena Had the opportunity to meet many customers with a variety of problems. who want to remove eyebrow tattoos They continuously line up and walk in to get their eyebrow tattoos fixed and removed. Until today, Achan A Decided to expand the eyebrow tattoo removal market further and was ready to provide additional knowledge on eyebrow tattoo removal. Seeing the disappointment of some customers, they even cried when they learned that their damaged eyebrows could not be fixed or treated. which is the driving force for Teacher A Rush in providing accurate information to customers. To benefit customers with more information to analyze and make decisions.

You can study the details of eyebrow tattoo removal with laser. Follow the link below.

Eyebrow tattoo removal service with laser

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