hair or hair Are both short and long the same?

Are the hairs or hairs both short and long the same? Magazine

Hello, reader. Don't be shocked just yet. What is this issue?…short hair, long hair… Teacher A is going to invite you to talk softly about Hair. In Thai, we differentiate between hair and strands. While English uses the same word Have you ever wondered why our hair keeps growing? As for the hair, it only grows a few centimeters long?

First of all, we have to start with the glands! The glands in question are human hair glands that are scattered all over the body. Except for the palms and soles of the feet. Hair on our body If it's on the face, whether it's eyebrows, eyes, or hair, it will help make the face look beautiful or handsome. and become more charming

The hair and hair growth cycles are not the same. For example, Hair can grow up to 3-5 years, armpit hair in 3-4 months, but eyebrow hairs only grow in 1-2 months. After that, the Hair Cycle will be replaced and fade away. Ready to build again If we look at the overall picture using the length of the hair on the entire body, we will see a clear picture. which part has a period of growth What's the difference between very short and little short?

Coming to the maintenance part We must be especially careful and attentive. The more hair or hair can make us look good and beautiful, the more we must give importance to it. You will notice that our eyebrows have a short period of growth. and the hair is short The chance of hair falling out is more difficult than that of hair, so you should avoid plucking or pulling your eyebrows. Because it may cause the hair in that area to not grow back again.

If the hairs on our body are plucked frequently or the skin in that area has a scar The hair will also disappear. I nourish my hair regularly. Don't forget to find a serum to nourish your eyebrows as well.

Are the hairs or hairs both short and long the same length?
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