Khun Kana Rinyarat Watchararojsiri (Channel 7 actor)

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

If you are another person who has bushy eyebrows but doesn't have the shape. It's not natural. Adina can help you adjust your eyebrow shape. Looks beautiful and natural. Because at Adena, we have a service to design and decorate eyebrow shapes, such as Ms. Khun Rinyarat Watchararojsiri (Channel 7 actor) who trusts Adena. Help take care of and shape your eyebrows.

Khun Kana Rinyarat Watchararojsiri

Khun Kala is a person who already has eyebrows. But the tip of the eyebrow is cleft. or not in full form "When drawing eyebrows It's going to be difficult. Because the eyebrows are cleft at the end of the eyebrows This makes it difficult to put weight on when drawing eyebrows. When drawing eyebrows, the tail of the eyebrows are sometimes dark and some are light. They look deceiving because the tip of the eyebrow is darker than the head. It's not beautiful, not natural, and it takes time to draw each eyebrow for 10-15 minutes."

Khun Kana Rinyarat Watchararojsiri

“Kale therefore wants natural eyebrows that don't look fake without makeup. Or when applying makeup, just fill in the corners of the eyebrows. Just a little and it's beautiful.”

“Because the eyebrows are the crown of the face. Whoever wants to have a beautiful face must also have beautiful eyebrows.” When it comes to eyebrows, Kale trusts Adena.

Khun Kana Rinyarat Watchararojsiri

Many times I want to have a clear, beautiful mood without makeup. I want to just apply powder and walk out of the house. Or sometimes when I go swimming I want to come out of the water and look beautiful. If I ask if it hurts? It doesn't hurt at all. Because it has good anesthetic. Kale sleeps well. Wake up and feel beautiful. Dedicated to people who want to have a beautiful face. You must have a beautiful crown first. Regarding the crown of the face, trust Adena. Let Adina create beautiful eyebrows for you.

Khun Kana Rinyarat Watchararojsiri
Khun Kana Rinyarat Watchararojsiri

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