Ms. A Anchalee Hasdevijit (model, actress)

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

A big problem for many girls is definitely the problem of eyebrows. Girls with thick, dark eyebrows probably won't have any problems. But for girls with thin eyebrows It would be a very troubling matter. Because it will make your face look bland, pale, and unattractive. Sometimes you have to waste a lot of time having to draw your eyebrows before leaving the house. Adina can take care of that for you. With adjusting the shape of the eyebrows to look naturally beautiful, Ms. A Anchalee Hasdeevijit, model/actress Be one of the girls who trust Adena to take care of their eyebrows to look beautiful and natural.

“In the past, A admitted that A was a person who had very few eyebrows. My eyebrows are quite thin and I'm not sure what to do. Because sometimes A likes to play sports and exercise. When we go to the gym, we don't put on makeup. When I take a photo, it looks like a Chinese ghost. Pale face, no eyebrows."

Khun A Anchalee Hasdeevijit eyebrow paint ADENAA
Khun A Anchalee Hasdeevijit eyebrow paint ADENAA
Khun A Anchalee Hasdeevijit eyebrow paint ADENAA
Khun A Anchalee Hasdeevijit eyebrow paint ADENAA
Khun A Anchalee Hasdeevijit eyebrow paint ADENAA

“When I got to know P'A Get to know Adina Came to get my eyebrows tattooed with P'A. Life has changed a lot. Since I had eyebrows Make life easier I woke up this morning and felt like my face didn't look like a Chinese ghost. Get up and leave the house. without makeup Go exercise, take pictures, take selfies and feel more confident.”

At any time, eyebrows are an important part of every woman's face. Without them, confidence will instantly disappear for some women.

“Life is really easier. Makeup now is like A acting in a movie and the makeup artist is in the role. I will play as a person from the provinces living as a southern girl. I rarely wear makeup. You have to do it with the cleanest face possible. Once it had eyebrows it was easier. If we don't wear much makeup and don't have eyebrows, we'll look pale and look like Chinese ghosts like we said. Now life is easier.”

Khun A Anchalee Hasdeevijit eyebrow paint ADENAA

Adena would like to thank Khun A Anchalee for trusting Adena. Look at the eyebrows. Always continuously.

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