Khun Nok Chariya Anfone (3D eyebrow painting at ADENAA)

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

With many roles in the life of Khun Nok Chariya Anfone, who is a skilled actor, drama producer, businessman, including family roles such as that of a mother. Make every minute of your time Ethics are very valuable. So I thought that if there was a tool that could help save time. Make your daily life more confident and convenient. I will choose to do it immediately without hesitation.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Especially the issue of "eyebrows," a small part of the face that has been a problem in Khun Nok's life for a long time. When the turning point is reached, the eyebrows that used to be a problem must be adjusted. It turned out to be a part that helped increase confidence. Khun Nok Jariya therefore chose Adena to help take care of her. Because at Adena, the "eyebrows" are only a small part. in that body very big for us Until it can be said that changing your eyebrows can help your face change at once.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

When Khun Nok trusts Adena to help solve eyebrow problems. The first thing that Professor A Adina and his team of eyebrow experts started working on was Find out the real problem with Khun Nok Chariya's eyebrows. Because shaping and enhancing the eyebrows to make them beautiful and perfect must be carefully analyzed to determine whether they are caused by muscles, bone lines, hairs, or even age-related changes. Skin and facial structure To lead to eyebrow design Including planning eyebrow painting that will help solve problems with real results. 3D eyebrow painting at ADena is not just about drawing eyebrows evenly. But we will consider the face and eyebrows at every angle. Makes it even easier to paint just one eyebrow line. You can now change the mood and feeling of those eyebrows.

Khun Nok Jariya with new eyebrows and full impression 100%
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

After having your 3D eyebrows painted at Adena, in addition to your eyebrows, you will see changes that make them more beautiful immediately. Another thing that we have seen from our customers over the years is an increase in confidence. Khun Nok Chariya is another person who radiates confidence with new eyebrows through the eyes and the impression that I have eyebrow extensions that have just been painted.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Khun Nok talks about his first impression after opening his eyes and looking in the mirror for the first time: When the eyebrows change It clearly helps the face look instantly brighter. Changing the shape of your eyebrows increases your confidence a lot. And Adina's eyebrows are really beautiful and pleasing. In addition, they admire their expertise. Attention to small points and the half-millimeter resolution of the Adena team And also compare Adina's eyebrow work with 3D eyebrow painting this time. It's not just about more beautiful eyebrows. But it's like getting a beautiful work of art. Let's go home with us.

“His eyebrows are very detailed. Measure every degree The mood right now is like we got a work of art.”

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