3 main measures to prevent COVID-19 at Adena Clinic

3 main measures to prevent COVID-19 at Adena Clinic
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Adena Clinic is committed to building confidence for customers who come to use our services. We have put in place safety measures and the highest standards of cleanliness. Including implementing measures to maintain social distance or Social Distancing for both personnel and all customers. Because besides the beauty on the eyebrows, we care Safety must come first as well. So that everyone can trust in coming to receive service at Adena. Clinic without the risk of Covid-19 virus.

Personnel screening measures

  1. Measures for all personnel to submit the results of daily body temperature checks for 1 month before opening for service.
  2. Quarantine measures for 14 days before opening for service
  3. Measures to measure temperature every day before entering the clinic area.
  4. Wearing a mask and protective equipment at all times while performing duties.
  5. Always clean your hands with alcohol gel.
  6. Using Social Distancing measures in performing duties
Preventive measures against COVID-19

Customer screening measures

  1. Ask about your medical history and history of returning from abroad. Traveling to the place at risk Including a history of close contact with people who are at risk of infection.
  2. Measure your body temperature with a high-accuracy ear thermometer.
  3. If it is found that the customer has a fever The clinic offers blood testing services by medical technicians to create maximum confidence.
Preventive measures against COVID-19

Sterile area standards

  1. There are alcohol gel service stations throughout the clinic area.
  2. Wipe down the interior with disinfectant every 2-4 hours.
  3. There is a service queue for customers to come in at the appointed time to reduce congestion within the area.
  4. Keep the distance in the waiting area of customers at least 1 meter apart.
  5. Wipe clean chairs and beds after every customer service.
  6. Service areas are disinfected. 3D eyebrow painting With UV rays of the same standard as leading hospitals.
  7. Equipment is sterilized and sterilized with UV radiation after every use.
  8. Disinfectant is sprayed throughout the clinic area on a daily basis.
Preventive measures against COVID-19

online counseling

For customers who are concerned about coming to receive consultation at the clinic. Adena also provides free consultation services by experts through online channels. Everyone can consult with us via Line Official Account or Line OA @Adenaa. We have an experienced team ready to give advice whether it is choosing.Make 3D eyebrows Which style is good? Have you had your eyebrows tattooed and are not satisfied? How should you fix them? Questions about taking care of your eyebrows after the procedure. Or even if you want an opinion from an expert if you already have eyebrows, should you have them painted in 3D? You can also book an appointment immediately and come in for service on the appointed day.

Adena Clinic is pleased to inform everyone that we are ready to be a part of creating perfect beauty for everyone, taking into account the safety of customers and personnel as a priority through risk prevention measures. All of the above We operate to the highest standards and strictest standards. To relieve the worries of all customers who come to use our services. See you at Adena Clinic.

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