Can hand washing alcohol kill Covid-19?

Can hand washing alcohol kill Covid-19?
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Hello girls Let's meet again. And of course, Professor A has interesting information to update as always. But this time it's not just about beauty. I'd like to be trendy with Covid-19, so I'd like to bring up the topic of "alcohol" to discuss. Because I believe that during this time everyone must have an alcohol spray bottle or a small alcohol gel tube. Carry it in your bag and take it with you everywhere, right?

Can alcohol not reach 70% kill germs?

First of all, I must say that even though the amount of alcohol is less than 70%, it must definitely have some disinfectant properties. But because of its use during this type of epidemic, we need to use alcohol that is concentrated enough to kill viruses and eliminate germs for effective protection against the Covid-19 virus. Alcohol gel or alcohol spray therefore has the duty of cleaning and eliminating germs on our skin thoroughly without using water. This makes it necessary to have a percentage of alcohol from 70-90% in order to be concentrated enough to kill bacteria. Fungi and viruses effectively

Want to kill germs effectively? Would it be better to use 100% alcohol?

Many people may think that when using disinfectants, the higher the percentage of alcohol, the better. But let me tell you that the results may be in the opposite direction. This is not because alcohol with a percentage concentration ranging from 95-100% does not have the ability to kill germs. But because the concentration is too high, the alcohol evaporates very quickly. When used to clean hands When alcohol comes into contact with our skin It evaporated completely. without having time to react to the virus that lurks on our skin It also makes the skin dry more easily. Therefore, using alcohol to clean your hands with a percentage of only 70-90% is the most suitable.

How to use alcohol to wash your hands so your skin doesn't dry out.

After a long period of time during the spread of Covid-19 disease. Before we knew it, our hands had been cleaned with alcohol gel. Various alcohol sprays It comes in abundance every day. Plus several times a day. It doesn't help that your hands are both dry and flaky. Followed by an extremely painful skin sensation. But due to necessity, we still cannot help using it. During this time, it was noticed that There are a variety of hand washing alcohol products. Contains ingredients to help retain moisture and nourish the skin. If anyone is experiencing the problem of dry, peeling hands, you can try buying them. Another method that I would like to recommend is to carry a small bottle of lotion or hand cream. Add it to your bag and be sure to use it regularly after cleaning your hands with alcohol. It can help solve dry skin problems. It also helps nourish the hands to be soft and moisturized very well.

How to use alcohol to wash your hands so your skin doesn't dry out.

Alcohol vs regular soap

Alcohol advantages

  • Alcohol 70-90% has the ability to kill viruses effectively.
  • Easy to use, convenient to carry
  • Can be used to clean hands in any situation, even if there is no water.

Alcohol disadvantages

  • Nowadays, it has become a market demand causing the price to be higher than normal.
  • Makes the skin dry and peeling.
  • Unable to cleanse dirt on the surface If your hands have dirt on them, you should wash them with soap and water before using alcohol.
How to use alcohol to wash your hands so your skin doesn't dry out.

Advantages of ordinary soap

  • Inexpensive, easy to buy
  • It has the same ability to eliminate viruses stuck on the skin as alcohol.
  • In addition to killing viruses Can also cleanse other impurities. that attaches to our hands very well
  • Doesn't make the skin dry and peel.

Disadvantages of ordinary soap

  • Not convenient to use in emergency situations If there is no water, it cannot be used.
  • If cleaning is not thorough enough There may be some areas of the hands where germs still remain.
How to use alcohol to wash your hands so your skin doesn't dry out.

When we compare them, they're not even close at all, right? Because both the advantages and disadvantages are equally large and small, let's just say that you can choose to use them according to the convenience of each person. It's best. Or choose to use alcohol gel when going outside. When I got home, I chose to use liquid soap to wash my hands. Using both like this doesn't break the rules.

How are you doing with the concerns about alcohol and killing the Covid-19 virus that Professor A brought to you? But even though alcohol is used to kill germs, During this time, if you need to go out, don't forget to wear a mask and keep your distance from other people.

With love and care from Teacher A and Adina Clinic.

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