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Are your eyebrows ready? If you have to go to a magazine event
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Hello, just a moment ago we met again. First of all, Professor A would like to congratulate many celebrities. Those who received awards at the HiSoParty Awards in advance, and because this issue coincides with the Gala Party of HiSoParty magazine, I would like to share techniques for adjusting our eyebrow shape to suit various occasions. And as someone with long experience We meet many customers who come to use 3D eyebrow tattooing services. But what we want to talk about are people who have had 3D eyebrow tattooing before because most people often misunderstand that after getting their eyebrows done. I will never be able to change my eyebrows to any other shape again.

For anyone who has ever had a 3D eyebrow tattoo at Adena. You will know that our identity will focus on nature. Or the identity of the real owner of the eyebrows It is divided into decorations for use in real life 70% such as going to work, going to the gym or fitness center, going shopping, or doing other daily activities. That we don't have to put on a lot of makeup which makes 3D eyebrows for people with thin eyebrows It will help us make makeup easier. Or not at all.

The remaining 30% is when we have to go to social events. Attend various parties Which is now that must be meticulous Arrange it together in a big way. Which if it is a job that must be especially beautiful In addition to putting on makeup Apply eyeliner and add more eyelashes to help make the size of your eyes look rounder than usual. From size S to M or from size M to L, you need to draw your eyebrows again. To make the size of the eyebrows expand to match the decorated eyes, make them match well.

From the picture, you can see that we use the original base of the 3D eyebrows that we made as a measure to draw the new shape of the eyebrows on both sides as shown in the picture. This way we will have beautiful, shaped eyebrows. Suitable for different occasions.

Ok, Perfect !

Let's go!!

Are your eyebrows ready? If you have to go to a magazine event
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