Make your eyebrows match your face. I'll have good physiognomy follow me.

Make your eyebrows match your face. Good physiognomy will follow soon. Magazine

Do you believe in physiognomy? Have you ever wanted to get your eyebrows tattooed and have them come out beautiful? And enhance your luck and become richer at the same time?

Teacher A has encountered this before, often!! With the question, "Sister, does this eyebrow tattoo look like your physiognomy?" When I first encountered people asking this question, He stumbled and stopped for a moment. I don't know how to answer. Because we are eyebrow designers. It's not a fortune teller. Only in the eyebrow design The first thing that we attach utmost importance to is the eyebrow shape that must be in proper proportion. Matches the facial structure, conceals weak spots, enhances strong points, and makes your face look its best. As far as these eyebrows can help

But having said that Eyebrow tattooing according to physiognomy principles and designing eyebrow shapes to suit the facial structure. There is a relationship. For example, if the eyebrows droop, in physiognomy it is considered bad. Makes you see the world in a pessimistic way, be indecisive, lack confidence. Hit yourself before you get sick. Section according to design principles Anyone whose eyebrows droop will make their face look distressed. depressed all the time If you encounter something like this, we will fix it to the point. It will help your face look beautiful and bright. It's worth looking at in an instant. But sometimes we rely on the principles of physiognomy too much. regardless of overall suitability It may cause problems. 

For example, there was a customer who was very anxious and anxious! I quickly came to consult with Professor A at Adina Clinic after having my eyebrows tattooed elsewhere. But once the tattoo was finished, I immediately lost confidence. Wherever you go you must wear dark glasses. I would like to help fix my eyebrows that look big and thick like Chin-chan's. The customer said that As soon as the tattoo is finished, just look in the mirror. He was shocked and hurriedly asked the technician why it was so big. The technician said, “This is the dragon's eyebrow, good luck eyebrow, has leadership qualities. Help enhance your physiognomy.” Listening to this, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I feel sorry for the customer because in the end, I had to have my eyebrows lasered 7 times in total, wasting both time and money. (Or maybe tears too)

Personally, Teacher A thinks that For people thinking about getting their eyebrows tattooed Above all else, it is important to look at our facial structure. The eyebrow shape that will be tattooed must be beautiful and most suitable for our face. After doing it, you must look better. Don't feel offended. When finished, it must be impressive to those who see it. That's's like enhancing our physiognomy well. Increase confidence As a result, your life will be better by default! See you again next time.

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