Eyebrow hairs can fall out, but don't let your heart fall out as well.

Eyebrow hairs can fall out, but don't let your heart fall out according to Magazine.

For girls with thin eyebrows Maybe I'm disappointed in fate, why the sky has destined for us to have such thin eyebrows. I envy people with thick eyebrows. But for Teacher A People who had thick eyebrows before and later fell out are suffering a lot more. Because things that one day used to happen and then suddenly disappeared, this makes me shocked. Couldn't catch it in time.

Like one customer who is sick with Alopecia Totalis, a side effect of this disease is hair loss. And it's not just the eyebrows falling out. But his whole body fell off. The sadness of this disease is therefore not just physical pain. But still have to suffer very severe mental suffering. This is especially true for sick people who are women.

While giving advice to this customer who had to wear a wig, false eyelashes, and eyebrows, we were able to feel the feelings and mental effects that this disease caused. Especially when we talk. It was even more shocking that she had suffered to the point of wanting to commit suicide! Because he couldn't accept this disease that caused all of his hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes to fall out, not a single strand was left. Professor A was determined and spent a long time on this case. And I'm glad that the results helped put a smile on her face.

To make eyebrows like this, we have to find the actual eyebrow muscles first, so the facial expression will be suitable for the eyebrows we've created. Because of this disease, when the hair has already fallen out The skin will be very smooth. If you don't look carefully I can't find the eyebrow line at all. The process of laying out the lines must be very detailed. Because it's purely a show of lines. There are no eyebrows to obscure it.

To make this kind of work look beautiful and natural, you really need to be an expert. which after finishing and made an appointment to keep the work neat and tidy This customer was actually happier. Because while talking, there will be laughter from time to time. It's called being happy for both sides.

After finishing this case Then there is time to sit still. Review what has been done. It gives an idea from working that Unforeseen things or misfortunes can always happen to us. But the important thing is when it happens. We must accept the change. It's better to be conscious and find a way to fix it.

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