Khun Kai Warayut (impressed with 3D eyebrow painting with ADENAA)

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

"Khun Kai Warayut Milintachinda", a famous drama organizer for Channel 3, tells his impressions after 3D eyebrow painting with Adena. which is for you chicken The starting point came from people who had never done anything to their eyebrows before. So I don't feel like there's a problem with my eyebrows or that it affects my life. Until coming to Adina for the first time, "Teacher A Adina" and a team of eyebrow experts. The eyebrow shape was designed using the AdenaRO technique, which calculates both bone and muscle lines, including everything in between. Facial elements related to eyebrows

This is because the team discovered that one of the biggest problems with Mr. Kai's eyebrows is that they look like frowns. It's similar to someone who is constantly thinking about something. This requires advanced techniques for shaping eyebrows that do not only take into account beauty. But to help change the mood of the eyebrows and face as well. Until it comes out to be an eyebrow shape that no matter what angle you look at. Or are showing any kind of emotion, it will help make the face look better from every angle. And until the eyebrow painting session ended. And Mr. Kai saw his new eyebrows for the first time. So I began to feel that Adena could help me change my face, just by really "changing my eyebrows" and these new eyebrows. It will help boost your chicken's confidence in a way that has never been done before.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

This time Khun Kai Warayut came back to Adena again. To tell you your impressions after the 3D eyebrow painting is complete: Since the first time I had my eyebrows done. Until today, the impression remains a hundred percent. It's also increasing every day because many people come in and ask, "To look better, what did you do to your face?"

From the beginning I didn't care about my eyebrows. And they do not believe that eyebrow surgery will help adjust the composition of the face, reduce age, and help you look better. But today, Khun Kai admits that 3D eyebrow painting at Adina gives more than just "beautiful eyebrows", but eyebrows that are specifically designed for each person. The eyebrow lines themselves flow beautifully and naturally, so it's almost impossible to tell which lines are painted. Or which lines are real eyebrows? All of this comes from the resolution, determination, techniques and expertise that Khun Kai has actually experienced himself, making Khun Kai Warayut dare to introduce Adina. For people who are interested in getting their eyebrows done. Or have a problem with your eyebrows that you want to fix? Try contacting Adenaa. "Do it quickly, get beautiful quickly. Do it slowly, be beautiful slowly."

“We can confirm this because ours is really good. Help enhance your personality with just one eyebrow.”

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