Khun Tuk Tattha takes you to see the "detail in every degree" of ADENAAxSINOTA.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

After coming in to fill in the eyebrows After adjusting the shape of the eyebrows to make them more beautiful and youthful at Adenaa, "Khun Tuk Tatha" came to talk with "Ajahn A Adenaa" and consulted about eyebrow removal. Because after friends Many people saw Tuk's eyebrows and wanted to have beautiful eyebrows. Is it natural like this? But it depends on the fact that I've had my eyebrows tattooed elsewhere before. And it is necessary to completely remove the old eyebrows. So you can paint 3D eyebrows with Adena to make them look as beautiful as possible.

Professor A therefore gives advice on how to remove eyebrows correctly, safely, and with real results, as well as preserving the skin and eyebrow hairs from falling out. Therefore, we took Khun Tuk to visit Sinota Clinic, a beauty clinic with a team of doctors. including modern beauty innovations with international standards

Sinota Clinic Led by "Khun Ao Rungtham" and "Dr. O, M.D. Nonglak Techajongcharoen" Anti-Aging &; Aesthetic Specialist. On the day that Khun Tuk Tungta stopped by to visit, Khun Ao and Dr. O were planning the removal of Sinota's customer's eyebrows are just right.

Khun Ao told me that This customer came in with a problem with an eyebrow tattoo gone wrong. Makes your eyebrows big, thick, dark, and look unnatural to the point of affecting your life.

Which, of course, requires laser removal of eyebrows many times. Therefore, treatment must be planned so that it does not affect the skin condition. No scars Including not causing eyebrow hair to fall out.

And when Mr. Tuk saw the picture before removing the customer's eyebrows, Sinota came to share the story about the eyebrow removal gone wrong. that has happened to an acquaintance Until causing the skin on the back to become inflamed A scar is formed. And all the eyebrow hairs fell out.

Coincidentally, Sinota Clinic has also treated cases of customers who had problems like this. Because the customer went through eyebrow removal in the wrong way, including using acid. including non-standard laser machines Until when entering Sinota Clinic, the skin around the customer's eyebrows was severely inflamed and red. Including the eyebrows all falling out. The doctor therefore planned a treatment plan. It involves taking care of and restoring the skin until it's ready for eyebrow surgery. And then had 3D eyebrow painting with Adenaa to get new eyebrows. which is like giving new life Give customers confidence to return again.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Results depend on each individual's skin condition.
Results depend on each individual's skin condition.

Therefore, Adenaa and Sinota must work together for the best results in terms of eyebrows, skin, and comprehensive beauty care. Help customers who have been affected by incorrect eyebrow tattooing. or removing eyebrows incorrectly to get the desired eyebrow shape Under safety standards Take care of only by a team of doctors, nurses and real experts.

When Mr. Tuk Ta got to see the “detail in every degree” of both Adenaa and Sinota and how they worked together to achieve the most perfect eyebrow and skin results. To the point of praising both Ajarn A and Khun Ao, as well as recommending people who are interested in 3D eyebrow painting, people who want to erase their eyebrows or take care of their skin, hair, and shape. As Khun Tuk himself is one customer who is confident in the standards and services. I've been here all along. Try using the services at Adenaa and Sinota. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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